Can of worms/five grateful mentions

Well, I may have just ruined my credibility on Facebook. I mentioned that my glasses are scratched, and I needed a pair of new ones and I asked where I could find them cheaply. I opened up a can of U.S. health-care worms.

Anyway, I wanted to mention how grateful a person I am to live in abundance. Abundance doesn’t always mean money. I’m learning it means, family, friends, and creative outlet.

At the conference last week, the speaker, a dynamic woman, who reminded me of a young Goldie Hawn, suggested we make a list of five things we’re grateful for every night before going to sleep. I have been doing that for years, but I think it makes more of a personal importance if done on paper with a pen.

So here’s mine for yesterday: I had a lovely hour at a coffee house with an awesome volunteer who is helping me keep track of my high value volunteers.

I had the whole office at First Night to myself and it was quiet. I got a lot done.

I talked to my son Ronnie who is having a great time with learning the trumpet.

I left my cashmere sweater/jacket – the $250 one that I got at a thrift shop a year ago for $25, and the coffee shop found it and called me. I picked it up.

I had dinner at a very cozy restaurant and met the owner who is from Venezuela, and was nice talking with him and hearing about how he came to the U.S. It was through a lottery. He has worked his way from waiting tables, washing dishes, cooking and now he owns a restaurant.

There: those are my five.


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