Busy week coming up

This weekend I worked at putting my cultural bag together for AmeriCorps. What is that, you ask? It’s a bag that is covered on the outside with photos or however you want to decorate it in a way that explains who you are.

Every Wednesday one of the workers takes their turn to give a culture bag demonstration. It serves to help other team members know more about us.

So on the outside of my bag, for my turn this Wednesday,  is a close up of my mother on her wedding day, and a nice looking photo  of my dad sitting on a dock. He looks so handsome, so 20’s movie star. My mother’s photo is beautiful, as well. There is a photo of my brother, me and my dad.

On another side of the culture bag is my family today; my sons, and grandsons and granddaughter and two of the best daughters-in-law one could have. On another side are the pictures of what I like; opera, theater (and with scribbles of some theater parts I’ve held) and my love of art, with a picture of “The Boating Party”, one of my favorites. There are other items on the other side of the bag.

Inside the bag is my t-shirt that my flight instructor drew on after my first solo flight. And there are many photos of my yearlong journey, the camera I took with me and some pastels. The pastels are representative of my newest hobby; painting my photos.

Also in the bag will be my rhodochrosite stone ring and a photo of a large stone mined from the Sweet Home Mine in Alma,Colorado. I will explain to the group that my middle name came from that town where my grandparents met. It is the highest elevated city in Northern Hemisphere.

Monday is a lunch where the staff and board members of the Arts Council get together to discuss the event; it’s success and what could be changed, and what worked.

I’m so happy to have recruited a man who will work with me on getting up to speed with my record keeping of the volunteers. It’s a complicated process required by AmeriCorps and just one part of the piles of paper work we’re asked to do.

It’s going to be busy and it actually started today. I have lots of paper work to get started on…so I will be prepared for the week.

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