Busy between two places

Today I worked at First Night Monterey, where I’m on loan from the Monterey Arts Council. Here, I’m getting volunteers to serve for the Greenfield Harvest Festival.

The executive director of the Arts Council and her crew and those who work at First Night got together for lunch. It was to introduce me to the crew, but so much time has gone by, that I had already met them. Anyway it’s fun to get together with coworkers once in awhile away from the job.

On Monday and Friday, I’m at the Arts Council in Carmel, and on Tues. and Thurs. I’m in Monterey for First Night. To explain this further, First Night is an organization that produces the day of new years eve in Monterey, with lots of activities, music, etc on the street in Monterey. It is this organization that also produces the Greenfield Harvest Festival. Complicated? No longer for me.

First Night operates partially from grants supplied by the Arts Council.

On Wednesday morning, I’m in meetings for AmeriCorps training. As a group, we’ll be traveling up north of San Francisco for three nights and four days, for more training with other state-wide groups.

I’m certain to be the oldest member of everyone once I get there. I’m getting used to being the ‘older’ lady in the group. But, aside from walking funny, I tend to keep up with them.


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