Bumpy ride to see how millions died

Demonic leader of Camnbodia, Pol Pot,  in the 70’s, was the overseer of over 2 million heinous deaths.

Pol Pot, under his regime,  sent foreigners, police, men, women and children, and Buddhist monks as well as anyone else opposed to his desire to take over. His aim would be to “purify” the country, by  their deaths, and make Cambodia a communist country.

I saw the Killing Fields where thousands of people died by beheading , torturing to death, including  smashing babies against the wall.

A building with a window full of skeleton heads is part of the memorial to honor those who were killed during the evil regime.


Even today, after every downpour, workers still recover bones that appear and then they become part of the memorial. I actually walked on a pathway that exposed bones and bits of cloth from the dead’s clothing.

It was a bumpy road and jarring ride for 45 minutes in the tuk tuk to get to the fields.

Sokal, my tuk tuk driver.


Cambodia is unique to any country I have ever seen. It is a contradiction at every turn. While trucks spewed smog in our face, and bicycles, tuk tuk’s, motorcycles and carts, all vie for space on the road, you’ll see everything. This can mean a whole family of five on a motorcycle, tall, narrow houses, three to six stories tall, and finer houses sitting next to garbage strewn shacks.

Gentle giant white cows are integrated into the living space and are treated well.

Two doggies were seen making more doggies.

Once we drove by an “elegant eyeglasses” store, looking elegant, as the sign said, next to an industrial-looking machine shop. I can imagine the creative problem solving that goes on there in that shop, making do with what they have on hand.

There were furniture stores with beautiful hand-made chairs of wood and or reeds. I saw concrete statues, barber shops and so much more. It is truly an amazing country and, oh, and can’t leave here without mentioning the noise on the road.

IMG_1226Scene from my window.

Cambodian People’s Party signs were on display along the bumpy ride.

It began to sprinkle while going there, but coming back the streets were flooded and we drove through a mini-ocean to get back.

I held fast to my seat al the  time.












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