Bubble hogs

Nathalie is the best cook.

Today she made spaghetti and field salad.I’ve never tasted spaghetti that delicious before. She  has a way with spices. The field salad is a cluster of small leaves on a stalk. The leaves are round or oval. Delicious with the dressing she decorated it with.

Together we went to a spa that has four pools; two indoor and two outdoor. One indoor pool has salt water and is supposed to be good for your skin.

I’m not sure about that. I went to the other indoor pool and positioned myself so the water would go clear up to my neck. That was not always easy as I had to try not to float away.

The spa pool reminded me of the movie, Cocoon, whereby seniors got into the pool and get younger and younger.

So there I was in a pool with mostly white-haired people of all shapes and sizes, each vying for a space to soak in the water and rejuvenate.

There were occasional jets that created bubbles in different parts of the pool. Those special sections were taken over by “bubble-hogs”.  When the jets stopped in one area they began in another. The ‘hogs’ waited for the jets to begin again in the space where they stood for a very long time.

I admit to being a ‘hog’ as well. My arm and legs hurt and so I found a jet and claimed it to be mine and worked my body so that the jets worked over my sore parts.

Nathalie and I soaked in the pool for a bit over two hours until we decided we were rejuvenated.

I feel so much at home and so taken care of; Nathalie is a fabulous host and I feel that I’m getting rested up after so much moving around.



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  1. So glad you are relaxing

  2. Laureen, could feel the relaxing happening!

    Anna Mae

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