Boring looking condo is getting some of my creative problem solving technique

I’m putting my creative problem solving skills to good use in the empty condo living room.

I purchased a white leather reclining chair from Craigslist, sight unseen. Well, a photo of it anyway. It’s only $50 and I have to rent a Uhaul to get it in the condo.

I’ve been sitting in my bedroom far too long. I need another place to sit and read. I have a table that was once in a motel. Brad, my son, brought it to me. One side is rough and the other side is finished. So I put it next to the wall, with a  black and white muu muu (with elephants and fringe)  over it. So now we have a black sofa sleeper and soon a white leather chair and a small table with a black and white cover. OH, and a black bookcase with just a few books, mostly books that I purchased on my journey, and had sent to my son, Larry’s house. I also have a large bowl full of seashells I picked up in Costa Rica, Panama, Holland, The Island of Vis, The Island of Papa Westray and right here in California.

So that’s the room so far.

Time goes  fast, and I only have 8 more months in this condo, and AmeriCorps so I don’t want to spend lots of money, but need it to be a ‘home’ for a little while anyway.

My roommate will help me pick up the chair and bring it into the room.



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