Book sales vs. sharing a book

A few years ago I booked a friend, who’s also a writer and an actor, and  lives in Carmel, into the library to talk about his book and his life as an actor. Because the library is a government property, we’re not allowed to sell books inside, but we are allowed to discuss it.

I made certain that the library had a copy of the book and proudly told him that in front of the audience, thinking that would please him.

His comment has only made sense to me since I have published a book.

“Oh, well, thank you very much, ha ha ha.” He said. And I wondered about the sarcasm, and then he said, “Oh, well, just so they read it.” I still wondered about this final comment.

Now I get it.

I was at a gathering a few weeks ago when someone said, “I loved your book,” the woman said, and then added. “Practically everyone here has read it. It got passed around to everyone.” Well I was happy to hear that lovely compliment, so I didn’t voice any  sarcasm.  But, just like my friend, I wondered about how many sales I missed by those people borrowing the book instead of putting just a little bit of money out to buy their own copy?

I know many authors who are friends, and I’d never expect them to give me a book. The books aren’t that expensive, and I believe everyone should be paid for their hard work. Believe me, writing a book is not easy, even though it looks like it is.

Writing and publishing a book is a professional occupation, such as is a musician, a teacher, and so on, and just like any other profession, the person deserves to be paid for their work.


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