Bobby and Lindsey’s wedding

I don’t think I have ever seen a more versatile wedding in my life.
First of all, Bobby escorted his two grandmas – me and Betsy to the front row. His mom sat next to her mom and I was next. Then Larry, my son, who officiated the wedding, walked to the front with Bobby. Then, from far, far away, came the gorgeous bride on her dad’s arm. That is after the groomsmen (handsome guys) and the beautiful two matron of honor and maids of honors were excourted in, the ritual began. It was beautiful, and Zona the dog, all decorated became part of the wedding party up at the front. Then a cute little guy wearing a cap like the men used to wear in old open air cars, pushed a tiny buggy with his baby brother in it. He got clear to the front, and turned to look at the crowd. The baby brother began to cry, so on cue the big (still little) brother pushed his baby brother back up the grassy aisle. The dinner and after party was good food and music in a barn. The whole event was wonderful. Good planning from Lindsey, Shelly (Lindsey’s mom) and Bobby looked as though there were no glitches. Bobby and Lindsey are now in Bali.

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  1. That was such a good wedding. It looked like you were having fun! Nobody besides Larry could have officiated the conservative wedding. The grassy knoll was a smooth landing spot.

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