Blue sky, blue fjord

The ocean and the sky meet today in blue…it’s no wonder it is the most favored choice of color, some research stated. It almost made me change my favorite choice from red to blue.

I walked down the road in the morning heading to the grocery store. Today isn’t  freezing cold, but still cool enough for a coat, jacket or raincoat. Raincoat?

Yes, instead of the mysterious lady in the brown and white Icelandic sweater, I opted for the black raincoat, and black t-shirt, pants and shoes. Now I’m the mysterious, white haired lady who walks around town wearing black and dark sunglasses.

Actually, one of the women in the restaurant/convenience store/coffee shop said when I first arrived,  people were wondering  who I was and what would I be doing in this small town. “That’s not unusual,” she said. “When someone gets a new car, for example, that’s the latest news that goes around town.”

On the way back from the store, I took a photo of the blue sky and fjord, and one of the cutest little houses made of corrugated aluminum, with fetching lace window curtains. It sits on the cliff overlooking the water.

Couldn’t resist it.



8 Responses to Blue sky, blue fjord

  1. Blue sky, blue water, always beautiful. I think the house is beautiful too.

  2. Some friend said it would be a great place to sit and write. You should see what I look at when I sit and write.

  3. Carla Hamelin

    Great Photographs Laureen!
    I would love to spend time in that little house…..look out across the water to the mountains, write some poetry. Maybe my new greenhouse might do…LOL! 🙂

  4. Hey Laureen, the scenic of the fjord and blue skies is extraordinary. If you can’t sell that to a travel magazine, you aren’t trying. Just beautiful. I would like to have a copy for my photo wall in the living room. I hope you will hang onto this image. Thank you for sharing. Bob

  5. I don’t have your email Bob. Send it to and I’ll send you the photo.

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