Blue Lagoon

Ah, the Blue Lagoon: I felt I was inside a live Maxfield Parrish painting. Steam arose from the azure water, while I paddled around in comfort and amazement. The geothermal water was warm, with hotter currents circulating below and around.

Friendly people were everywhere soaking up the warmth and feeling relaxed. Wind suddenly blew so strong it made waves above the bubbling water. I lost my glasses to the wind, when I put them temporarily on a plank while I slathered my face with silica mud. The silica in boxes at key locations, is thought to make your skin soft and lovely. Icelandic Krona and dollar signs flashed through my consciousness. Glasses? I’d first need an eye exam then I’d have to purchase glasses. How’s that going to work with my traveling-on-a-dime? A gallant man found my glasses near his foot and brought them to the surface with his toe. They were toed-in!

It took a half hour or more to get to the Blue Lagoon, after everyone had been picked up from their hotels and taken to the bus station for the final ride. I met some nice folks from the States who had been in Germany at the wedding of their daughter.

Cold and damp air met us at the lagoon when we got off the bus. We walked through what seemed to be a wind tunnel, with tall lava walls forming the entrance. After taking the mandated shower with soap before putting on my swim suit, the warm blue waters beckoned me after the freezing walk to the edge of the pool.

Warm, it was warm, with hotter spots that were easy to find; just follow the people standing in a group.

The day before, I took a photo of the Harpa hall while on a walk to the harbor. Each section of glass on the facade seems to change colors due to the change of light as the day grows long. Soon, I’ll attend the opera, La Boheme.

Relaxation supreme

Like being in a live Maxfield Parrish painting



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3 Responses to Blue Lagoon

  1. This blue lagoon sounds divine….glad a friendly man found your glasses 🙂

  2. Laureen, I found you. For some reason I thought you leaving at the end of April. I love the photo of the harbor with the water on the glass you are looking through–would make a nice filter in Photoshop!

    You sound as though you are having a great time and I am enjoying reading about your travels. Thanks for the posts; I can travel vicariously.

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