Bitters may help, but rainbows and deer work better

Marilyn and I started down the big hill from her house to the road and onward towards Durango. Destination was the annual gallery walk, which involved several art galleries.

I was anxious to see the art, as one of the galleries shows and sells Ben Nighthorse Campbell’s jewelry. He was a political powerhouse for Colorado for a few years, but his artistic jewelry has lasted longer than the career in politics.

Shortly after we started down the road, I became nauseated and had stomach pain. We stopped in the historical Strater Hotel, where I got ginger ale with bitters. Bitters is new to me, but I thought it was worth a try. We did go through some of the galleries, but I decided to sit the last two out at the Durango Art Council’s open house, while Marilyn went to the other galleries and then picked me up. Don’t know what the problem is, but it’s better today.

We had views of a huge rainbow on our way back, and the photo, while it’s pretty, doesn’t begin to capture, this, the biggest rainbow I have ever seen. In the foreground, we saw white sheets that usually means rain and even hail.

It did rain a bit, but not so much.

Today, I saw the deer outside of Marilyn’s yard and it stopped and seem to watch me looking at it from the window. The cat was out and it acted like it wantedIMG_2256 IMG_2252 IMG_2259 to get closer to check it out, but the sound of the door changed its mind. It didn’t dash away, but walked with purpose, down the hill and then on the road.


2 Responses to Bitters may help, but rainbows and deer work better

  1. Laureen……beautiful pics ! Thanks !
    Are you feeling o.k. ?
    This a.m. Bud saw a Mt.Lion in the vinyard……poor animals are coming out of the mts. seeking water. This lack of rain is very serious .

    • Hi Paula,

      I’m fine now.

      I feel so sorry for California right now. We had an unusual amount of rain here, and it even flooded in spots.
      My son told me he saw someone washing off the sidewalk with a hose in California. Selfishness or disinterest?

      I hope the animals will be safe in California, and all of you are okay, as well. Conservation is the rule right now.

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