Birthday boy and his family

IMG_0937It doesn’t seem possible that 20 years ago tomorrow, my youngest grandson , Brandon, turns 20. I re-read this today, and see that the opening sentence doesn’t make sense. My youngest grandson turned 20 yesterday, because he was born 20 years ago. There!

I spoke to him via email yesterday and he reminded me that he’s moving out of his teen age years.  And now he is the last of the grandkids who I can call children.

We’re all growing up and moving on. Michael, Brandon’s older brother is graduating from college in Iowa this summer. He’s an educated young man with lots of ideas on how he’ll put his education to good use. He probably will stay back in Iowa, where he established himself in a non-profit organization.

Brandon has two more years of college ahead of him, and he’s getting close to declaring his major.

Bobby, Brandon’s cousin is in the Oakland A’s and playing in Phoenix right now in the minors. He’ll soon know what is in store for him in a few weeks.

Treva, Brandon’s cousin and Bobby’s sister is beefing up her muscles. She is an extreme physical fitness gal, and motivates others to follow the routine to get in shape.

Meanwhile, their fathers and mothers are at work, making certain finances can keep up with college expenses, cars and whatever claims their time and money. It isn’t always easy, but they persevere.

Son Ronnie, lonely as he often is, tries new things all the time. He has pastels and water color paper to explore, and a chance to learn the trumpet – also new to him. He’s always in my heart in prayer. He’s an amazing, inspiring person.


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  1. Sonja Collamer

    It’s been along time since I saw your brother Jack, but Brandon’s picture puts me in mind of him.

    • Sonja: that is amazing that you would say that, because I saw that myself when I posted the photo, and I sent an email telling Brad that I thought he looks like Jack. Then I saw your comment.

  2. Laureen…
    BRANDON…..What a handsome young man !!!!!

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