Bird talk by Grandpa Jones

I started out giving the big shiny black birds in our back yard, nice sweet cake crumbs, and they seemed to love it. They competed with smaller birds. They are the pigs of the air, but it’s fun to watch them.  They are very cautious, and look around to see if there is any danger lurking by, until they get close enough to grab a bite and fly away. I imagine they fly to other birds and brag about the party at Laureen’s place.

But then I ran out of cake so I began giving them bread instead.

When they discovered it wasn’t cake, t actually heard one speak in disgust.

He said, “cheep”.

I’m cheap, you say,  bird? What do you expect for nothing?

Bad joke, I know but it’a  left over memory from my Grandpa Jones.

Cheep, cheep.

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  1. I told Grandpa Jones’ story at lunch today and it got a big laugh!

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