Becoming a detective

Today I was back at First Night Monterey where I spent a bit of time organizing the notebook for the First Night event. It will be put on the shelf for the next years volunteer coordinator.  Good Luck!!!!

But it wasn’t all finished because a radio is missing. It’s one of those hand carried walkie talkies that cost $800 a piece. I went to the sign up notes, and the notes for the radios, and noticed that not everyone signed out. I called many people and that is hard work not to sound like you’re accusing them, but just looking for information.

Lots of folks said they handed their radio over to the next person and that person handed it over to someone else. There must be a better way to handle the radio situation.

I feel bad but know that it isn’t my fault. I just hope the darn thing shows up.


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  1. We used to take the driver’s license of the person checking out radio, and they would get the license back when they returned the radio.

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