Authentic Oaxaquenos food found in Seaside

Too lazy, too unmotivated to cook dinner, yesterday, I went to a restaurant that I stumbled on when walking on Martin Luther King Day. It’s El Milagro on 1774 Fremont Blvd. Seaside.
The food is authentic Oaxacan – Productos Oaxaquenos. Totillas, Chocolate, Mole y todo typo de products tipcos Oaxaquenos. I had a tamale stuffed with chicken and mole inside a banana leaf. Chips are served with a rich sauce sprinkled with Oaxacan cheese. The restaurant has a large room with two large TV’s. It would be great place for a big party. The folks are nice there, too.
I fist thought of ordering only one tamale, but the waitress pointed to the menu that said two tamale’s so I agreed. When I saw how big they were I knew one would be taken home in a box.
I had hibiscus water with it, and my glass was refilled with no extra charge. I was so full when I left!


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