Attended first Christmas party

It was the glass house with the glass stairway, and that is where the Christmas party was held. Many people were there, with their shoes off, and eating away.

There were savory items and sweet stuff as well. So good, and fun to talk to the people in the Christmas spirit.

The lady of the house is clever with paper and scissors. She made a cup for candy with a lid on it, and gave one to every person who showed up.

She also makes cards and sells them in the local paper goods shop.

But before this event, after church, a lunch was held for everyone, and the ladies of the church followed the one menu and brought it in to share. Not a potluck, but an organized menu and delicious.

All that food led me to take a walk to the pond and scare the ducks away. There was one duck, that was either a bully or a duck herder. He snapped at them until they all got moving away from the shoreline.



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