Arts and science comes together

My friend Kira Corser, an artist, teacher, painter, speaker and lover of the ocean, planned an event today at the museum near the Monterey Wharf.

It was all about her passion: saving the oceans by way of using the arts.

My super supervisor, Paulette Lynch, articulated how the  Arts Council for Monterey County uses Arts as the answer to societies problems: all of them. She brought home the fact that saving the oceans and other societal woes are now our children’s problems and the Arts Council holds art classes in various parts of the Monterey County, to answer some of those issues. What the children learn, is taken home to educate parents and younger siblings. There are classes in drama, dance, music  and writing,  that engages children from improvised neighborhoods and affluent ones, as well.

And Ellen Martin, the executive director of First Night spoke passionately about how the organization First Night involves children in arts that teach the importance of  saving the ocean. Her many projects uses plastic bottles and plastic bags and tops of bottles and lots of other trash items to create beautiful objects that reflect marine life. Children learn about saving the oceans as they construct the objects, she said.

There were two other speakers, who were on the side of science and they expressed their agreement that arts and science needs to support one another, and there are many ways that is accomplished.

One example one scientist used was to use humor to teach folks how not to get close to marine animals.  Instead of the usual legal and unfriendly signage that is more often used to keep people away from marine life, the picture was an artistic showing of a mans legs coming out from under a marine animal with the sign: don’t let this happen to you. It teaches the danger in a humorous way, and encourages folks to respect animal life. The real lesson here, however, was to demonstrate how artists and scientists work together for a common goal.




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