Art and science meet to save the oceans

Last night I went to the Monterey Plaza’s Museum of Monterey (MOM) to hear how the arts and sciences join together to save the oceans.

My artist friend, Kira Corser is known for her love of the ocean and her commitment to sea life and it is demonstrated through her artwork.

She hosted the event last night with a panel of artists and scientists.

Scientists spoke about  how the ocean is being destroyed through plastic and other wastes that are being sucked up into the ocean’s environment. They mentioned how the runoff of pesticides from farm lands also contributes to killing sea life.  They told us that life from every living thing creates the cycle and keeps it alive.

We learned there are ocean areas that are over fished and therefore is destroying the balance of sea life. The scientists are working with fisheries to manage the amount of fish and the type of fish needed to maintain the cycle.

I cannot say I understand the complicated issue, but I know this: I can do my part by taking cloth bags to the grocery store, instead of using plastic. There is much more than that, and I welcome all that I can learn to save our environment and the oceans.

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  1. Laureen…..Yes,yes,yes……to the cloth bags to carry your groceries !!!!! It’s a place to start !! Wake up America !!!!

    • Paula: I’m embarrassed to say that I often forget the bags; but since what I learned last night, I’m going to be better at remembering, beginning by putting some bags in my car.

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