Anyone there?

It’s been a while since I’ve placed any news here, but we’re almost at the end of my time on the blog.

If you’re still reading, then you’ll know that I have found a great place to live in Aromas, Ca. It’s a studio cottage, and in the hills.

I feel blessed to say the least. I’m winding down the editing of the yearlong venture, and hope to get it off to my editor soon.

Best Wishes everyone.

2 Responses to Anyone there?

  1. “End of your time on your blog”? Really? I didn’t know blogs ever died… Maybe like old journalists, they just get depressed… But you are not that journalist yet!! You are still “Expat Laureen” at “home” or abroad. Please keep it up and let us know of your new adventures! 🙂

    • No, Susan

      I just don’t have so much to say now that my adventures in travel have come to a halt for a bit. I paid for another year. So glad you’re looking at it. Don’t know if anyone else is. I’m working now at being a radio reporter. The type of writing is totally different from news print, but I’mlearning. Keep reading and keep letting me know how you’re doing there in Zimbabwe.

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