antiquing and thrift shopping

Today, I hit up the Goodwill in Watsonville, and later in Salinas. I also looked at the Salvation Army and the Marina Second Chance. Second Chance was closed because it’s Monday. I thought it was Wednesday. Anyway, I didn’t find what I’m looking for.

So I headed over to San Juan Bautista to the many antique stores, and didn’t find anything there, either. That town was quiet. Most of the shops were closed.

I need a rug and a desk for starters. A table to be used for a desk would be perfect. Then I need some chairs and a dresser that I can put into the large closet.

Didn’t find anything, but will look again tomorrow in Santa Cruz. Son, Ron, knows where the places are located so he’s agreed to go with me.



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  1. We also gotta hit the flea market in Santa Cruz. I’m sure there’d be alot on Sundays, not so much on Saturday but the food stands are there on Sat. as well. The fleas will always be there!

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