Angry birds

Does anyone know what kind of birds are those mean little black ones are? They are a tiny bit bigger than a sparrow, and feisty beyond reason.

I walk nearly everyday to the town of Half Moon Bay, under some trees where these birds live.

Yesterday  when I walked under the trees, a bird skimmed my hair and scared me out of my wits. Then, I noticed that same bird followed me, dipping down close to my head.

Today, I walked under the same trees and a bird followed me again, lecturing me and then he’d sit on the wires and watch me.

I told Brad and Brandon about it and they both have experienced the same thing.

They are brave and aggressive little monsters. What are they?

Today I had two of my painterly pictures framed by the local framer, Peter Welch of Arrowhead Framing. When I walked into the store, I was surprised to see he was the same guy who sang and played the piano yesterday at the Senior Coastside lunch. He has a booming voice, and writes his own musicals. His day job is owner of the frame shop, and his other vocation is composer/lyricist/dramatist, using the name, Peter Alexander. Under his name, the card reads, “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…”

Yes, he’s versatile and talented. And helped me pick out two frames, keeping me close to a budget.

But those birds….

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  1. they like the color red.

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