….and more paper work

Well now, it seems one entity doesn’t know what the other entity does. Notice I didn’t say one hand doesn’t know what the other hand does….I hate cliches.

I have done all the paper work for the Cambodian experience and even have the flight tickets. The initial agency I worked with and who sponsors the Cambodian adventure, Global Services Corps, told me to send in a note from my local supervisor that I will finish all the hours to receive the stipend..called the Segal Award.

But recently when I checked with Global Services they said I probably wouldn’t need to send anything to Albany University (the second agency) because they have already enrolled me.

So I asked Albany University if there was anything else I needed to do, and  this morning I got a shocking letter from Albany University saying I owe over $4,000 and I better pay it on time or the interest will keep multiplying.

I thought this might be the sign that the letter from the supervisor was due. So she wrote a nice letter to me and I sent it off to Albany only to be told that I must work it out with AmeriCorps to pay them the fee.

Meanwhile, the agency I’m working with, Global Services Corps isn’t responding to my request for help. This comes after I have finished getting everything in, in time.

But I sent a copy of the Albany letter to Global Services Corps and to an AmeriCorps supervisor up in Sonoma. What I was told in the beginning of this process seems to have changed now that it’s time for their payday.

Stay tuned.





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