An uplifting experience

It’s a day of rest; I needed a day away from walking to rest my legs and the painful arm that was wrenched when I yanked my suitcases up a very, very long stairway last week.

Marilyn and I are sitting inside the hotel coffee shop drinking cappuccino’s, catching up on Facebook and emails, and so I thought I’d write an ‘uplifting’ story today.

The story begins with an ‘up front’ purchase from a high end department store.

A portion of our getting acquainted with the business section of Berlin took us into the KaDeWe store. When I was here in Berlin, with my nieces and nephews a few years ago, one of the places they took me was inside the KaDeWe store and I always wanted to go back again.

So while Marilyn put up with me walking around in the store, as we gasped at the prices – three and four hundred euros for a purse, ridiculous amounts of money for cosmetics and so on, we did find some sales, but those were out of range for us, as well…until….and I’ll keep you ‘suspended’ here until I divulge the item.

We took a break and went upstairs to the fancy cafeteria. I got a ‘can’t turn down’ cake with berries, star fruit, kiwi, while she got something healthy.

At one point I decided to get a glass of just plain tap water, and I asked at the cashier station where I could get that, I was told water was to purchase by the bottle. When I tried to make the cashier understand that all I wanted was a drink of normal tap water, she told me tap water was only for those people who needed to take some medicine.

That comment was a bit of a ‘downer’.

I didn’t get the water, and that was okay. We went back down from the ‘top’ of the store to the women’s department, where I saw it.

“I cannot believe it. The sale price is so good, and I’m in need of one. I have been ‘hanging’ on to this for months and it is so worn out, it’s time to replace it and besides that, the purchase it would make me feel ‘so up’. I’m just going to ‘spring’ for this, without even trying it on. The size is right so here goes.”

“You’re right. The price is good, and now’s the time to buy it.” Marilyn was upright and forward thinking about purchasing the item.

So I took the bra off the rack and bought it.

It was an uplifting experience.


Bonus photo:  Skating in the Christmas market

6 Responses to An uplifting experience

  1. Laureen… uplifting experience !!!!!! ….no wonder I love your sense of humor !!
    We both headed for DMV this a.m……time to renew. He renewed…..I opted to just get an I.D……at this age I want to make it safe for those other drivers.
    Keep well…..stay uplifted !!
    Hello to Marilyn….

  2. Uplifting!!! Laureen, that’s not what I would have guessed!

    Your night shot of the skaters is beautiful. Were you shooting on auto or bulb? I’m learning more about night shooting and want to do more of it.

    Anna Mae

  3. Hey Laureen,

    I am glad that you got to go to the KaDeWe and even got some shopping done:-)
    Very uplifting!


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