An alternative Black Friday

It’s fun to see old friends and that is just what happened yesterday. That is, after I was “nuked” by the dental assistant. She couldn’t get the X-ray of the offending tooth, and kept at it until another assistant came to her rescue. The X-ray was being taken right at my eye. So now I hope I won’t have trouble with that eye.

The dentist cleared the trouble with the tooth and I was off to visit my friends in Soledad, who had turkey soup warming in the pot. Then I visited another friend, a doctor, in Gonzales. He showed me the framed articles I had done for him when I was a reporter. And then  the visit with my friend, Anaa Mae.

Anna Mae is the most creative and technologically savvy person I know. She does some fantastic photographs and puts them onto fabric. She has wall hangings that are worthy for an art gallery. She’s doing exactly what she loves to do.

Then, stopped for a moment with a visit with my son in Santa Cruz, then back up the coast to Half MoonBay. That drive never gets old to me. It’s a way to relax my thoughts.

It was an alternative for my Black Friday.

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