Amsterdam and a gift

Dorry and I did a “a lady’s, let’s do lunch today”, and it was lovely to see her one more time before I leave Holland.

Dorry hosted me, along with her partner, Paul Boes in their beautiful Arnhem home three weeks ago.

We agreed then that we would get together for lunch, so that was the plan today.

I met Dorry in the sky scraper where she works on the twenty-third floor in Amsterdam.

She works for Arcadis; an international company that provides consultancy, design, water, environment and buildings. Dorry’s talents are used in the communication department. That seems to me, an appropriate niche for Dorry, for she was a key person in the Arcadis company’s art collection. More about that later.

When I met Dorry on the main floor, and with my badge to open the gate, I followed her for lunch in the same building. The restaurant has many choices: warm dishes, a la carte, sandwiches, and more. We both chose the fish dish that was delicious.

Dorry is involved in a huge project with her work and I felt fortunate to get her all to myself for a one hour lunch. After lunch we went to the twenty fourth floor where Arcadis’ main office is located, and then to her office  on the twenty-third floor.

Many pieces of the artwork I mentioned are on the walls in prominent display.

When the hour was up, Dorry gave me a gift. It is the book, “Kunst collectie Arcadis art collection.”

The book has photos of the major works of art in the Arcadis collection. It is said in the book, that the company has a goal to find a balance a between the company’s economic activity and the commitment to enriching the culture.

A few years ago, a committee was formed to to build the criteria of art and to purchase the collection. My friend Dorry is listed as one of the authors of the book she gifted me, and she was also responsible for the composition of it.

Dorry standing where clocks give the time in various parts of the world.

She was also a key person in the choice of artwork for the company.

Earlier in the day I got a train from Den Haag to Amsterdam, following Dorry’s description of what the building where she works looks like, to give me a help in locating the building.

That was easy; however, I was a bit early so I sat in a coffee shop looking up at the building that I would soon enter.

The building on the left is Dorry's office on the 23rd floor

After saying goodbye to Dorry, I joined a crowded city center in Amsterdam and walked around the town, viewing what the city is famous for. You cannot miss seeing the ‘coffee shops’ where cannabis openly sold.


Typical street in Amsterdam





I got on a “Hop on Hop off bus, that would be the last trip for the day, so I couldn’t hop off until the very end, but that was okay, as I really just wanted to get an over view over what makes the city so attractive to a huge number of tourists. This was my third trip to Amsterdam on previous years.

I find a possible answer, besides the coffee shops and the red-light district, are the old buildings, canals, boats, sculptures: that all add to make the city unique. The voice guide provided names of famous people and the houses where they lived.

I won’t go back to Amsterdam; it’s just too busy for me, and today was cold. So cold that when I finally got back to my warm hotel room, I took a hot bath.

I will cherish the reason I went to Amsterdam and the lovely book Dorry gave me. It’s priceless.


A row of houses in The Hague I found while on my way back to my hotel


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  1. Laureen…. Thanks for sharing a wonderful day with us .
    Your last picture….the houses . They are really beautiful. Are these typical of all homes there ?

    • Paula: The houses you see in the photo are typical of houses in an upscale neighborhood. It is near the houses where Embassy’s of various countries are located.

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