American’s want to take over the world, so says an Icelandic man

“Americans want to take over the world,” so said an Icelander I met yesterday and again today at my favorite coffee shop, Shofan.

The Icelander made that statement and then went on to make fun of Americans by doing an Icelandic version of John Wayne. He pulled down his fishing cap to his eyes and tried to look ferocious with a smirk on his face.

He also tried to tell me that Texans are braggers and I mentioned the word obnoxious, and then had to explain that word.

Later, Cosmos, the artist you met yesterday, was also in the coffee shop and came over to say hello to me, standing near as he was on his way out of the shop.

Gergo joined the Icelander and me in the corner of the room, after I had greeted Gergo and a coffee server I hadn’t met yet. She had a perfect American English language skill and I mentioned that she sounded American. Turns out she did live in the states but is Icelandic.

Anna, you also met yesterday, came in with a group of her young friends and waved at me.

Meanwhile, back at the corner where I sat with Gergo and the Icelander, for more “education” from this highly educated gentleman about the rudeness of the Italian artist who stepped out. Well, I know now that you aren’t not supposed to stand to speak to anyone who is sitting down, that it is rude. However, when the Italian was gone, the Icelander told me he didn’t like him, due to a skirmish once outside when the Italian had to hold him back.

The Icelander speaks many languages, which may be the reason he feels no one should visit any foreign country without some knowledge of the language. Ouch!

He rolled his own cigarette and wondered why I didn’t smoke. He said he was healthier because of the tobacco he uses. He said it took a certain skill to roll your own, and I told him I could do that….no sweat (I didn’t exactly use that slang with him – but you get the idea).

So I remember how my grandpa rolled his own, and I took the paper in my hand and began to pinch the tobacco and when I did, he kept telling me not to spill it. So, I was careful and put just the right amount in the paper, rolled it up and licked one edge. I thought I did pretty good.

He said it was fixable, and that with a little bit of work he could use it. Later, I saw him shake out the tobacco and redo it in another paper. I thought the one I rolled was okay, but then, I’m American.

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