American Legion book signing

Memorial Day was good, however, at the American Legion in Monterey, I only sold one book. But one book was better than none. The commander said they sometimes get ten folks out for the annual barbecue, and sometimes as many as sixty. Yesterday, about the usual ten showed up. I was stationed on a tall table with a stool near the door of a very dark bar. People walked in, got used to the light and walkes straight into the bar. Most ignored me or didn’t see me at all.

However, one woman came in looking for ‘the speaker’. I wasn’t there to speak, just sign. She was the buyer for the day.

I did have fun though, listening to the antics of the men sitting up at the bar.  Never being privy to ‘men talk’ it was quite an education.

That afternoon I went to Pacific Grove to visit with my friends Dorothy and Cal. We had a fantastic salmon dinner, then we went to MOnterey for a movie.

I woke up rested from sleeping in their quiet, beautiful guest room, and now I have a mission in King City at the radio station to cut some commercials.

More about that later.

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