Am I odd?


It’s Wednesday the first of September. This means in two days, I will have been on the journey for five months. It has breezed by. Today it is raining again, and I’ve decided to stay in for a change and watch the Paralympics  that will be broadcast on TV.

The weather has been mostly cool, rainy, windy, and even some snow,  from the very beginning of the journey that started in Iceland. I used the philosophy about the weather, that, “It is what it is.” But I must admit that It’s cozier to watch the rain come down when you’re inside watching it from a window, rather than walking in it; although, I’ve done plenty of that.

So many people have been curious about what makes a 75 year old woman do what I’m doing. From the beginning, I didn’t think anything about it was unusual, but I’m learning from people’s comments, that I’m an oddity.

To answer some of their questions, here goes: No, I do not get lonely, as I’m meeting people everyday, all day long. There are people everywhere and if you’re willing to begin a conversation, you never know how you may have affected someone that day.  It’s for  certain, people have had an effect on me. People love to talk about themselves, and a willing listener can learn much about our fellow human beings.

No, I never feel that I’m in any danger. I don’t put myself in situations where I don’t feel safe. I stay in hostels, B&B’s, hotels and in homes. In today’s world-wide internet, it is easy to check everything out before making a commitment. And if I have ever been in an uncomfortable environment I remove myself immediately.

Isn’t it expensive? Yes, it can be if you’re not careful. In the beginning, I wasn’t as careful as I am now. Staying in a hostel makes it more affordable because you can cook your own meals. Once you’re in Europe, the bulk of the travel-money was spent on getting here. Traveling between countries is a little more affordable in Europe.  I tend to stay in one place for a while, rather than going to one country after another, and seeing and learning very little about the country. I’m still counting on selling more books, “Too Close to the Sun” to help finance the next seven

Outside of the St. Magnus


Sure, I get tired. But I pick and choose what I want to do, knowing that I can’t do it all, but can get a reasonable assessment of the culture by visiting museums, shopping areas, historical sites and churches. I’ve never been a tour-taker, but have found that some one-half or all day tours make it easy to see and hear about a site, and safe a lot of  time, as well. I’ve also learned where and how to take local transportation.

What if you get sick, people have asked?  That just blows me away. Who thinks about that, isn’t that almost bringing it on? However, I know that in most towns and cities, medical help is available,  if needed. I wouldn’t have begun an adventure like this if I thought I wasn’t healthy enough. I do have aches and pains, but I’d have those if I wasn’t traveling, so why not just go for  it?

The only question I do not have an answer for is, what are you going to do when you go back? I will finish up this traveling saga,  publish it, and then, who knows?







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  1. Laureen, you are definitely not odd! You are adventurous, curious, creative, full of life, and smart, besides being a good writer! I am proud to know you, and every post I read, I’m sharing the ride with you.

    Anna Mae

  2. you are not odd you are inspiring. but you are ahead of yourself because today is aug. 29, 2012 at least in soledad. and today no wind and beautiful sunny day… love ya. anne

    • Hi Anne,
      Yeah, you’re right. I noticed that, too. I’m working out a complicated itinerary that I’ll be on soon.

      Glad you have sun there. It’s a bit gloomy here, but games begin soon, and I’m going to watch them.

  3. Hi Cous,
    I’m with Anne all the way, except that you are a bit odd–always have been, but that’s what makes you inspiring. Sadly, many people your age don’t know that they can do whatever they want. But you don’t seem to know that you can’t. I know that’s why my mom loved you so much–she never reallly “got” that getting old meant getting stuck or more worried than usual about getting sick.

    But thanks to Anne, I didn’t have to run to my calendar to see what day it is here and then to my globe to try to figure out how it got to be Sept. 1 where you are while it’s still August 29 over here in SF. But in a way, it makes me happy that you don’t know what day it is–what does it matter?

    Saw Brandon again today–we travel the same halls round the same time, and it’s fun to get a hug in the hall! He’s in good hands here at CSM, and I know that soon the college will see how that’s mutual–he’s such a fine young man.

    • Barbie,

      Thanks for making me laugh! You have a wonderful way of saying nice things to an odd cousin.
      Glad you see Brandon, and I’m happy he’s in good hands.

  4. I disagree with those who say you are not Odd. I thank God in my prayers that you are what you are. If all of us were odd like you most of our personal and worldly experiences would make all better. Have you thought about serving the U.S. as Secretary of State?

    Bud, Paula sends her love.

    • That’s about two for two on whether I’m odd or not. Secretary of State? Bud, c’mon, I NEED a secretary, I couldn’t BE one. I’m not organized enough.

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