Additional news from the last post

After I wrote about the Fjord water moving south instead of the usual north, it switched and now it is moving straight out from the shoreline to the Fjord. The wind is very strong and creating this phenomenon. I’ve never seen ocean water move so quickly the opposite way, with nothing coming back. Tsunami?

I think there are  under waves we cannot see. Amazing!

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  1. What do the locals say about this phenomenon, Laureen? Is this usual?

  2. Okay, I got your story done for the next issue of my newsletter. I’m giving you one full page. I had not realized that you lost Wim in May of 2002. So, this is the 10th anniversary of that sad event. There are a couple of questions I had about when and where you will be going when you leave Iceland and how many countriea you will be visiting, Ireland and what else? If you want to respond to this queery I will make the necessary changes in the article. If not, not. Where do you anticipate you will be making your home when you are repatriated? Can you send me a jpeg image of yourself I can download and use for the aticle? …Bob

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