Absolutely official now

I got the ticket to Phnom Phen, where I’ll begin my latest adventure. I’m going to Wat Khmer to learn about Buddhism and to teach English to Monks.

It’s been a long, very long, very detailed paper work ordeal to get this, and good thing I started early. I cannot fathom what it would be like to do this at the last minute.

I’d be a crazy person.

So, I begin the journey in San Francisco with a layover in Seoul, Korea, and then to Phnom Phen where I’ll be for a few days acclimating to the climate and jet lag. And another week in Phnom Phen for orientation into the next step.

I’ll be taken to the place where I’ll live for the rest of the 4 weeks.

When I return, I asked the folks preparing the itinerary if I could return to Denver. No problem, however, I’ll need to change planes in San Francisco. How funny it that?

In Denver, I’ll visit with my niece and get over jet lag. Lori told me I could ‘vegetate there’ for awhile. Then, hopefully, either my friend Marilyn, who you may remember, met me in Berlin last year, will pick me up and take me to Vallecito where I lived for several years.

Then after some time, I’ll return back to California, to figure out what do to in my life after all that. I want to find a cheap place to live so I won’t need to work and so I can put together the yearlong journey and the Cambodian experience into another book. I also have many other stories I want to write.

Somehow, it’s just too much to work all day and then come home and work some more on a computer.

So any suggestions would be appreciated.



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  1. Great reward for the trials and tribulations you experienced over the last few months. Remember, my friend who’s been in that part of the world is willing to answer questions or give you tips about the culture.

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