A weekend of creativity and reflection


A peek at the painterly project I did in Fallbrook. These are stairs near the old railroad station in Bingen, Germany, a town on the Rhine river.

A lovely weekend began with a long drive on Friday in Half Moon Bay to southern California.

I left at 6 a.m. and worked my way down highway 101 to visit my friend, Sumi Haru in North Hollywood. We have known each other since we were teenagers in Colorado. Sumi’s years as a television producer, actress, event producer and: most important; an activist,  can be read in her book, “Iron Lotus, Memoirs of Sumi Haru.”  After leaving Sumi’s place, I left for Fallbrook, near San Diego.

Traffic had been backed up when I left San Jose due to President Obama’s visit and then when I got to LA, President Obama was in Santa Monica. It took me longer to get there, as  I was in my Ford Escort, while he was on Airforce One.

Bumper-to-bumper  for miles and miles, and hours, and hours, to get to Fallbrook, I got a bit confused and called my friend, Kira Corser, who’s house I’d be staying the night. She met me and I followed her car to the house on a hill, through two security gates.

I followed her again the next morning to the Fallbrook School of the Arts, where she taught ‘painterly’ – a process of painting on photos. I had previously sent her some digital photos of my year long journey and she had them enlarged and printed on heavy paper. There were two other students and together we took expert direction from Kira; used pastels and let our imagine run loose.

It was fun and I learned a lot about color combinations, and I ended up with two paintings that I’m proud of. One is of  stone steps near the old train station in Bingen, Germany – a town near the Rhine River. The other is a street scene of houses in Cork, Ireland.

On the way back from the class, I stopped for the night in Ventura. This is one of my favorite towns. I went for breakfast at the Busy Bee restaurant, a 50s diner, complete with juke boxes on every table. I put my quarter in and heard, ” Rock Around the Clock”. The diner, the music and the walk I took on Main Street; one that’s full of second hand and antiques, and don’t forget my meeting an old friend, there was much to reflect on during the long drive back to Half Moon Bay.

It was a great weekend.





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  1. Laureen…..do I recognize this stairway as one of your posted pic from someways ?

  2. Laureen…..
    …what I ment was…somewhere…..not some ways….

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