A Table Affair

A Table Affair was the theme today at the Pebble Beach Lodge. It was a fund raiser for animal rescue. There was a room with lots of tables- probably around fifty, I’d estimate. All had themes that were followed in dish ware, glass ware, etc.

The table done by First Night Monterey featured sea critters hanging from the chandelier and were on the table, as well. There ware glass chargers, a glass dish on top of that and another glass star fish shaped dish on top of that, which together put you in mind of a jelly fish.  Scattered all over the table was white sand and sea shells of all kinds, sea glass bits and pebbles, galoretable 2table 3.

The hanging critters were all made from plastic containers constructed by special education students mentored by a high school engineering club. People just couldn’t seem to get enough of what they saw in the ‘critters”. Very creative, most folks observed.

It is a creative atmosphere when it’s calm, which is nearly never.


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