A naughty boy lives here

Well, he is very naughty. He begs. He whines. He likes you only when you give something to him. He is annoying. He is also beautiful, has dreamy eyes, and shiny grey fur. His name is Pharaoh and he can be such a brat of a cat.But, he’s a cozy little critter when it’s in his best interest.

He shadows Brandon around the apartment, but will cozy up with him on the couch. He begs for food from each of us, trying to fool us into thinking he’s been forgotten. He’s getting fat because we all were feeding him, thinking we were the only one serving him breakfast and dinner.

He gets ‘cat massages’ from Brad, nice conversation from Debby and picked up and hugged by  my myself. His favorite place to sit is on the window sill near the kitchen. He is accused of being too lazy to jump up to the window, instead, taking a short cut that sometimes knocks out the wifi and all of us on line, gets shut out.

He is a character and well-loved. Pharaoh rules!

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