A day of reflection

Yesterday I packed winter clothing to put in storage, and then I put much of what was left in two bags that I donated to the Goodwill. I always reflect back on the time that I used the things I’ve packed away.

I have shopped for most of what I’ll need for the Cambodian event, including a glass Mason jar that I’ll use for purification of water. I have the iodine drops, the insect repellent and everything else the doctor recommends.

I’ll see him in a few weeks for the vaccinations.

I have all the material I need and, so , why not pack it? I know it’s early, but the warm weather clothing isn’t needed here so I’ll be a step ahead of myself. Then I can devote the rest of my time finishing up the hours I need to be done with AmeriCorps.

I am planning a thank you party for the volunteers and will give each one a bookmark with a tassel, and with children’s art on one side and a volunteer poem or statement on the other side.

There are other chores to finish, but it will all get done in time.

Meanwhile, my son Ron is lonely and I’m going to spend some time with him tomorrow and on Sunday, I’m going with son, Larry, Sue, Treva and Sue’s mom, Betsy,  up to Stockton to watch Bobby play ball. I haven’t been able see him for a long time.

Looking forward to both weekend days.

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