A belly-full of poffertjes

You cannot leave Holland without experiencing the delightful dish, poffertjes. They are little pancakes made in a special pan, and look to be about the size of a silver dollar on steroids.

Little pancakes on steroids - poffertjes


I met my friends, Mike, Yahah, Aisha, Rania, Farah, Boudewyn, Carolina and Angelina at Pavijioen Malieveld, a pannenkoeken and poffertjes restaurant today.

The restaurant sits on a park, and while I waited for the time to meet them I walked around the park on a path for walkers and bicycles.

While I walked, I remember being at the same park many years ago with my brother Jack, Sister-in-law, Carol and my husband Will. We walked catty-cornered across the park to the Pavijioen Malieveld restaurant for poffertjes.

I also observed a tower that I believe was the tower I mentioned in my book. When Will (Wim) was hungry and tired during the ‘hunger winter’, he looked at the tower and thought it was standing so strong and stately and without trouble. It made him wonder when his life would change; and he would once again be strong and healthy. He needed food and warmth.

It was cold today.  The misery of the time he faced was on my mind.

The restaurant was built in 1941 and still has the wooden plank floor, and similar lacy curtains, curtains that are becoming things of the past. I still see windows with the lace curtains that either hang down to about one fourth of the way from the top of the window, or in the middle of the window. Anyway, they are seen, but not as often as before.

So I had a dish of poffertjes and my friends all made their own choices, and when we were through eating, we walked to the center of the city.

It was fun seeing the three little girls, the daughters of Yayah and Mike – cousins of my daughter-in-law, Debby.

My friends: in back, Boudewyn and Carolina. left to right in front, Mike, Farah, Aisha, Yayah, holding Rania, and Angelina






While we walked Yayah pointed out a big tree from the 1800s. It had been transplanted on the spot to avoid being cut down from where it previously stood.

When I got to the center of town, I made the decision not to stick around as it was full of people shopping and walking up and down the streets. I observed a sign that told people to watch their belongings as pick pocketers were on the prowl.

Anyway, I had a belly full of poffertjes and it was time to head back to the hotel.







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  1. Thank you for the poffertjes Laureen! 17 years we’ve been living in The Hague and never been in this poffertjes restaurant before.
    If you ever decide to visit Holland again, you are always welcome at our place! Kisses from the girls 🙂

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