I’m surfin’ the couch


Ever hear of Couch Surfing? That is exactly what I’m doing at Peter Lyons and Jola’s apartment in Dublin. I heard about couch surfing from my new German friend, Nathalie when we were both in the Capital Inn Hostel in Iceland. She has been couch surfing many times as a recipient and also as a host.

All you do is join up and post your profile and vacation schedule, and a host may contact you to spend three evenings in their home.

I’m doing that right now. Peter liberated me from the Four Courts Hostel this morning and took me back to his apartment to pick up two women from Sweden. He returned them, after he hosted them, back to the airport.

It’s a wonderful situation.

After arriving to the apartment, and back on the way with the Swedish women, Peter dropped me off in a part of Dublin where museums are many, and the famous Trinity College campus can be toured, along with The Long Room library that holds  200.000 books, in a room that is 65 meters in length, with very old books that line the walls and up to the enormous ceiling. Very impressive.

I also had bangers and mash for lunch at the Porterhouse Brewing Co. after walking the shopping district and listening to Dublin Street musicians.

One man stood out as the doorman for a large department store. He appeared to be more than happy to get his photo taken.

It’s a very busy district, and before I left the area, I had coffee at the equally famous Bewley’s restaurant. This family owned restaurant has been around since 1814 and still has the original stained glass windows. The restaurant roasts its own coffee, that they use from their own plantations from around the world, according to the waitress.

I’m going to Belfast tomorrow, leaving very early and arriving late in the evening. 

4 Responses to I’m surfin’ the couch

  1. Yow, that bangers-and-mash looks delicious. Too bad I don’t eat bangers.
    If I ever go there, maybe they’ll let me have the mash and gravy without the bangers, ya think? What’s that thing that looks like an air filter (without the crevices)? // Couch surfing, now that’s traveling on a dime, all right. Long may it live! Love the concept. Really good website.

  2. I’ve been catching up on your delightful blog! I’m a friend of Kemberlee’s, she told me about it. I think the doorman pictured here is the same one that Samantha Brown interviewed on her Dublin travel episode. He was very friendly, and even sang for her.

    You have been living my dream – and perhaps, just perhaps, I will have the courage to do the same one day. Thank you for being an inspiration!

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