Traveling again

The prettiest part of the day is early in the morning, just when the sun comes up. When I left Half Moon Bay, it was later; around 8:30 and there were few cars on the road.

The colors were beautiful. The yellow grasses, dripping moss from dark green trees, sky blue sky and ocean and gentle rolling white caps, made for a beautiful days drive.

I checked out George’s house in Santa Cruz. His garden of vegetables and fruit will get my care while he is off on a hiking trip for nearly one month. There are two cats that will be at my mercy for their meals.

George is a retired school teacher and a good friend of Marilyn, my friend who’s house/gardens I took care of earlier this month. I’ll be at his place in mid-August for one month.

Then I saw my son Ronnie, who returned the globe pendant I left at his house, and then I was off for the long journey down to King City. I’m right now sitting inside Motel 6. Tomorrow at noon I’ll be the guest speaker, invited by Matt, a news editor for the local radio station.

In anticipation, I went over to the restaurant and ate dinner, but while there, I looked at the room where the meeting will be held and saw the spot where I’ll put the photos I took and then painted. I have five of them now. Two are framed.

So, I’m watching TV and looking over the notes I’ll use tomorrow. The first presentation I did, lead me to believe I needed a few more photos. It’s hard to pick just a few out of the thousands I have.

4 Responses to Traveling again

  1. Paula and Bud

    Laureen……Hope your “gig” went well yesterday.
    Do you have others scheduled ?

    • Thanks Paula,

      It went really well. The King city Rotary club members were great. I added a few more photos and some street musicians and I think it made the presentation more complete. The question and comments were really good.

  2. hi laureen, I am still following your adventures and if you ever doing another presentation here in the valley and need a place to stay, I have an extra room, just call me at the phcy, 831-678-2678.. anne just have to get along with 2 dogs and a kitten. and like motel 6=”I’ll leave the light on” I am right down the road from paula

    • Hi Anne,

      Thanks that’s nice of you. I have heard that the Soledad Club will invite me sometime, I just don’t know when. So when that happens, I’ll call you. Thanks so much.

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