Learning is never over

Just when I thought my education was over, I get involved with learning again. I’m going to sign up for a voice over class. Like nearly everything I have ever done, I do the thing first, and then get trained after I’ve already learned it.

I purchased a tape recorder and began to practice the scripts I have been given.

I need to produce about ten, 30 second commercials using various voice styles.

So I’ll be a bit prepared before I take the class.

2 Responses to Learning is never over

  1. Hi there. I work for a leading European voice over agency. I stumbled upon your post. Just wanted to wish you good luck with your voice over career!

    • Thank you! Who do you work for? How did you get your training?

      I will be beginning something a little later than most folks, however, I’m sure I can do it once I
      get some practice. I made one commercial already.


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