Staring at purple tulips

Didn’t go far today, as I waited for a phone call that didn’t come. So I walked up to the Kurhaus to mosey around and do some light shopping.

Before that, however, I walked to a restaurant for lunch, and got a sliced egg sandwich on a brown roll.


On the way back to the hotel, I couldn’t resist looking inside a store that said SALE. Who could pass that up? I didn’t buy anything but I did meet a nice lady who has lived in the U.S. She lived in Washington and New York, around thirty years ago. I can see why she had been offered many modeling jobs, as she is still a beauty.


So, after visiting the Kurhaus and walking around the neighborhood a bit, I sat inside my room, perused the internet, read all about the oscar show from USA Today, and stared at the purple tulips I have in my room.


Now, I’m going back soon to read on my ebook, for I have over one hundred books to read.

Taking it nice and easy. Tomorrow will be a busy day, beginning at 10 a.m. when Piet will pick me up to take me to see more of Holland. I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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