First day in Berlin with Marilyn

Woke up today and went down the elevator to the restaurant in the hotel. The breakfast buffet was over, but I didn’t want that anyway, so I ordered scrambled eggs, because the guy who asked me what I wanted was eating that and it looked good.

Then I wanted to use wifi to write the blog, but to pay for that seemed a bit extravagant, so instead I purchased a day pass on the tram with the intentions of using wifi at McDonald’s.

When inside McDonald’s I asked a man for the password for wifi. “You have to use a German phone number to log on to wifi here in McDonald’s.”

“I don’t have a German phone number. Can I use yours?” I asked tongue in cheek.

“Nien.” He said very seriously.

“Okay, do you know where else I could go to use wifi?”

A clerk went over to the electric outlet to show me where I could plug the computer in.

“No, I don’t want to plug it in. I want a password.”

Soon a manager came out, and I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, with the message that, “You must have a German telephone number.”

“Yes, I know, he told me that.” I mentioned to the first man, to give credit to him in front of his manager. “I want to know if you know of any coffee shops where I can use wifi.”

“Nien.” The manager said.

So back I went to the tram on the snow covered, slippery street. While I walked there I thought about my son, Brad. He seems to know how to handle situations like this. I need wifi so I can write the blog and post it, but I cannot pay such a huge amount of money just to log on to wifi. What would he do? I asked myself and then came up with a plan.

When I got back to the hotel, I asked in my nicest voice if there was a manager on duty.

“Yes,” said a lady at the front desk.

“May I speak to him?”

“Yes, I’ll tell him you want to see him.”

A few minutes later a nicely dressed, well-groomed gentleman came to where I was sitting in the lobby, told me his name, and shook my hand.

I used the attitude my son would use and told him that I was a traveler and writing a blog every day.

“I will be in this hotel for twenty-one days, and I’m finding it too costly for me to use the wifi for my blog.” I thought my son would then ask him for a discount, (but what do I have to lose?), so I asked for the use of it free of charge.

“Of course. I can set it up for you so you can use it whenever you want and as often as you want. Just give me some time and I’ll get back to you.”

Well, now I learned something. If you find something not to your satisfaction; don’t get mad, ask for what you want.


Later, my friend Marilyn McCord showed up, a bit earlier than I expected, so I was happy to be in the room when she arrived. She had taken a taxi from the airport right to the hotel, and now we have had dinner, lots of conversation, and we’re making plans for tomorrow.


This is a day late: the internet is slow and I couldn’t post all day yesterday.

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  1. Laureen……welcome Marilyn !……Now we need a picture of the two of you…

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