The small and old hotel where I'm staying in the heart of Madrid, Spain

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  1. Fascinating to read your blog, Laureen. I am now back home in Scotland and catching up with the washing, phone calls, e-mails etc. Best of luck with the rest of your tour. It was really good to meet you. Rhona

    • It was great meeting you, too Rhona. When I got into the taxi I saw Evelyn trying to catch me. I had the driver stop and he began hollering at the wrong people. I knocked on the window and told him to come back. I wonder what she wanted?

      Hope you keep reading. L.

  2. Hi Laureen, was just waving a final farewell!
    Lovely to read your blog, sounds like you are having lots of fun with those unusual characters. Enjoy your escapades in the Basque country! Its a very beautiful part of the world.
    Had a long wait in the Airport, flight didn’t depart till around 6pm
    Have fond memories of our time together.
    Keep in touch.
    Evelyn x

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