Happy in the Island of Vis

A view of the harbor

I’m sitting on my bed looking out at my window in the Island of Vis, at the mountains on the other side of the harbor, and listening to the ocean waves breaking outside of my window.  It’s been pouring down rain, and I walked to the guesthouse with the owners grandson,  where I’ll be staying for the next six nights.
He met me at the bus stop and carried my luggage through rain puddles. I was soaking wet when I got here. It’s so breathtakingly beautiful, and the sound of the waves is mesmerizing. How could I be any happier than I am right now?
Norma and Gail from Canada and I left Split at 11 a.m. on the ferry headed to Vis and passed the islands of Brac on one side of the ferry.
The ladies were so kind to invite me to hang out with them during the two hours. Turns out we were all going to the same town, Komiza. Gail had heard, as I had, that Komiza was the nicest town on the island of Vis.

The day began when I woke up at 6 a.m. in Split and couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and perused the internet until 7 a.m. and the gentle rain turned to bursting thunder and lightning and then a downpour.

I thought the ferry ride may be cancelled, until a kind couple from Japan came into the kitchen and he looked up on the website for the ferry company’s email address. He sent off a question and it returned with the answer, that it would be ‘full steam ahead.’

A lovely young lady from Denver University who stayed in my room with her friend, both on leave from  a student program in Israel, helped me get my luggage down the stairs.

I was early so I rolled my bag to a “fast-food” kiosk across from the harbor and purchased a burek. I was told that those were delicious and that I must have one while in Croatia. It was about three types of cheese in a pastry wrap, and then deep fried. I think there were about one thousand calories in it.

When Norma, Gail and I, and about fifty other folks got off the ferry, in Komiza, we climbed aboard a bus and rode through trees and vineyards until we reached the top of a hill and then looked down to the village of Vis.

View from my window

Walking through the puddles in Vis From there on, the road twisted and curved through rocky  mountain walls on both sides of the road until we landed in the center of town, where people were waiting.

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  1. Laureen. I can almost hear the waves breaking and smell the salt air…….
    We look forward each day to news of your travels….our first cup of coffee and
    Finding out where you are and how you arrived there.
    Paula and Bud

  2. Croatia looks very nice. I hope all is well.
    Hello from Barb too.

    Kleine Wimpie

  3. BTW I called Pete and Willie last week and Pete past away three weeks ago.

  4. love traveling the world with you…vis sounds terrific-rain and all.

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