I have been called, “Luv” so often that I’m really feeling loved. The Scots have a way with words, and Luv is only one of them.

I checked with a taxi company this morning because I learned in the Information Center in Kirkwall that Bob’s Taxi’s will store my “stuff” until I go to the port to catch the ferry to Aberdeen. I leave on Monday.“Can I help you Luv?” The man asked while he was talking on the phone. I explained that I heard I could store my bags in his place. “Yes Luv, right there.” He pointed to a dismal looking room with a worse looking bench and suitcases and bags all over the place.

“Are you telling me that it’s a safe place for my bags, my computer and my camera until I come back at the end of the day?” I asked with my eyebrows up on top of my head.

“You can keep it in here,” he pointed to the office where he just came out of. And if no one is here, just ring us up and someone will come over and get your stuff out, Luv.”

That sounds like a better idea, but when I got back to the hostel, I realized there would be no way I could call for a taxi without a phone. So I sent him an email and hopefully he’ll learn that Luv needs a ride to his place and then one to the ferry, which is close. Otherwise, I’m going to walk with my burdens all around for about twelve hours until the ferry leaves just before midnight.

The hostel posted a note that states no one can stay in the building after check out at 10 o’clock in the morning, which is the reason for the dilemma. It’s going to be interesting day to see what I will find do for twelve hours in the town of Kirkwall, without spending any money, frugal person, I am.

Much of last night and again this afternoon, I have been inspired by the Paralympic games in London. What those folks do makes me want to never complain about little aches and pains, ever again. Amazing what can be accomplished with tenacity and a ‘can do’ attitude.

This hostel where I’m staying is one of the better ones I’ve been in. It is owned and run by a brother and sister, who work together to keep it spotless and running smoothly. Everyday they go through the building cleaning it as if it had never been cleaned, and they do it with smiles on their faces. I’d be pretty mad if I had to clean up other people’s messes. There are polite signs that ask if you would please wash your dishes, dry them, put them away, and tidy up the area where you cooked your meal.

Seems some people don’t read signs. There is another sign that says, “don’t eat other people’s food.” No kidding. People take other people’s food?

I have noticed from the help I have been given in the town, that most are very pleased to assist. I purchased some food at the grocery store, but didn’t have a bag to carry it back in, and would have had to buy one, which seems so wasteful. “Here, I don’t need this. Take it,” a nice woman in line handed me an extra bag.

I have also noticed so far in all my travels, there are never plastic bags lying around on the streets, in open fields, or on sidewalks. Plastic bags aren’t used, unless you’re willing to pay for one. 

Sweeties = candy and cookies

I’ve also noticed an absence of dirty diapers on country roads or in the city parking lots.

And…never, ever do I see shopping carts rolling into cars on the lot. It just seems that people are considerate of others.

The photo is of a small garden in a small space I thought was charming.




4 Responses to “Luv”

  1. Hello LUV……..you continue to keep us interested…very interested ….In your travels .Especially your pictures and your discription of the places you go. We are looking forward to your second book !!!!
    All is well here…….keep well,keep safe and KEEP blogging !!!!

  2. I’m sure you’ll find a place to hang out while you’re waiting for your ferry. I look forward to hearing about that day and the ferry trip. Safe travels! 🙂

    • Hi Susan,
      I think I have a plan. The owner of the hostel tells me I can keep my luggage here for 12 hours. Now, I just need to plan on where to put ME for 12 hours. It’s not a large town. We’ll see.

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