One more look at Cork

Narrow road

One more quick post before I leave Cork. I went to town for the purpose of buying a box of chocolates for the Kinlay staff and some alcohol. The only other thing I wanted to do was soak up the town for the last time. I took many random photos just for fun.

The alcohol would sooth the infected ear from an earring that was trying to make it’s home inside of my earlobe. I got the earring out and wanted to disinfect my ear.

“No, we aren’t allowed to sell alcohol. I do not have a license to do that,” the pharmacist stunned me with that answer. I couldn’t believe in a country where it’s easy to “get a pint”, you cannot get alcohol to disinfect a small part of your skin.

I went to another pharmacy and had to explain why I needed the alcohol, and she offered me something that wasn’t all alcohol but was an astringent of some type. Then she proceeded to tell me how to take some cotton, put the liquid on the cotton and rub it on my ear lobe. I wanted to say, “no kidding?” But I was polite, instead.

Next, I found a different coffee shop/pub from the familiar two I have frequented for the last two weeks. This one was an old building, with small tables sitting in front of a couch that curved along two walls.

A gentleman was sitting next to me and one at the bar. “Nice day isn’t it?” The man at the bar said.

“Yes, it’s a bit warm, but you are right, it is nice.”

“It’s nicer since you walked in, luv,” the gentleman at the couch said with a gentle chortle.

“Oh, you Irishmen,” I said and both of them laughed.

After my coffee, I came upon two women who were getting dogs out of a van owned by Dogs for the Blind, a non-profit agency that trains dogs for the blind and for children with autism.

One of the women had a large, happy looking, curly-haired dog called a labradoodle.

Guess you don’t need an explanation to know that is a mix of a labrador and a poodle.

I have seen many people in town, including several today who volunteer to train dogs.

Now for certain, this post is the last one of Cork.

Skiddy’s Almshouse near Kinlay HostelRiver Lee

church in Shandon

4 Responses to One more look at Cork

  1. No alcohol from the pharmacy?? Well, just order a tot of whiskey, my dear, and use that! A few drops rubbed onto the ear lobe and drink the rest. (Old joke: “You drink enough of that stuff, you won’t care about your ear lobe anymore.”) m-e

  2. Cute story from Cork. Will you be going to London during the Olympics?
    Maybe you could get a volunteer job or something to get inside. Not much going on with me. We had some really nice sunshine today after two days of over-cast. Just moved my desk from the living room into my bedroom. I’m going to get rid of the long work table I was using for my computer desk I believe. Your table and chairs dominate my dinung area of the living room. It is covered up with cameras and lenses at present. I eat at a little drop leaf table someone gave me. It’s an antique.
    Hope you are doing well…Bob

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