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Literary Agents where are you?

I finished my book, “Walking over the Earth” and now I need an agent to take it on and sell to a publisher. It’s all about my yearlong journey from the Arctic Circle  to the Sahara Desert and points in between.


I have four agents who expressed interest in my book called, “Walking over the Earth”. So I’m getting all the requirements ready to send off to the agents. Each one requires something different. “Walking over the Earth.” Watch for it. I was recently interviewed on KSBW regarding my year long travel experience and the book , soon to be published.

Unexpected Encounters

I’m getting my book ready and hope to find an agent to take it on.

Right now it is way too long, so I’m cutting it down in size and will work with my editor, Floy Sitts to get it in manageable size.



Bobby and Lindsey’s wedding

I don’t think I have ever seen a more versatile wedding in my life.
First of all, Bobby escorted his two grandmas – me and Betsy to the front row. His mom sat next to her mom and I was next. Then Larry, my son, who officiated the wedding, walked to the front with Bobby. Then, from far, far away, came the gorgeous bride on her dad’s arm. That is after the groomsmen (handsome guys) and the beautiful two matron of honor and maids of honors were excourted in, the ritual began. It was beautiful, and Zona the dog, all decorated became part of the wedding party up at the front. Then a cute little guy wearing a cap like the men used to wear in old open air cars, pushed a tiny buggy with his baby brother in it. He got clear to the front, and turned to look at the crowd. The baby brother began to cry, so on cue the big (still little) brother pushed his baby brother back up the grassy aisle. The dinner and after party was good food and music in a barn. The whole event was wonderful. Good planning from Lindsey, Shelly (Lindsey’s mom) and Bobby looked as though there were no glitches. Bobby and Lindsey are now in Bali.

Power up and point to the highlights

Hello all,

I’m in the process of producing a power point project of my journey so I can show it to organizations. I will have help beginning tomorrow and again next week.

The power point will consist of a few of the highlights of my journey and several photos. I’ll have comments to make in between. The presentation should take about 20 minutes, which is the average amount of time to gain the attention of an adult.

I can use your help. Do you have any favorite moments from my blog? Or do you have a memory of a photo that stood out.

You can answer here, or send me an email:

Thank you!

Getting old scares me

Who said, “getting old isn’t for sissies?”

I visited my 90 year old aunt in her home in Sacramento yesterday. I called her a few days ahead to tell her I’d be there. It was a struggle getting her to understand, but I thought she understood when I’d be there. So I drove three hours to get there and expected a happy greeting, as it’s been over a year since I’ve seen her.

I called the day before and put a message on her phone to expect me the next day.

She yelled, “come in” when I knocked on the door. I walked in and found her sitting on a chair smiling at me. I gave her a hug. She seemed happy and then told me to walk around the house.

Okay, it’s getting to be a long story: she thought I was the realtor and  was suprised when the lady who takes care of her told her I was Laureen.

She was embarrassed but that faded, as she went on to complain and whine about lots of annoyances, real and imagined. I stayed around one hour and then went to my motel room. I could have driven back home and saved the money for the room.

She was angry about the neighbors across the street who painted their house yellow. I thought it looked nice.

The lady, care giver told me when the painters finished, the ninety year old went across the street, screamed at them, used every four letter word she knew. She complained to authorities and made a huge fuss about the color.

There’s more, but, in general, she is an old, bitter lady, and neighbors have run out of patience. It makes me sad because she is a charming woman, but the bitterness has become more of what she is.

Makes me scared about growing old.


Holland in San Francisco

Brad, Debby and I trudged up to San Francisco to the working windmill where the Dutch took over the park. Orange, the Dutch royal color was seen everywhere on people, balloons and flags.

Food was sold in kiosks with long lines of people seeking their favorite Dutch and Indonesian goodies.

Some American’s may not get the connection between The Netherlands and Indonesia. Indonesia was a Dutch colony for nearly 400 years until they fought for their independence in the 50’s. Indonesia food in Holland is like Mexican food is to the U.S., although the U.S. didn’t colonize Mexico. So that’s a loose way to associate the similarities. Indonesian food is my favorite.  I’ve often said that it must be served in heaven, it’s that good.

The event at the windmill was the annual celebration of Queen’s Day. This is a special celebration because it also was the day Queen Beatrix turned her crown over to her son.









I’m going to be interviewed by the Half Moon Bay Review this morning regarding my year-long adventure.

It’s going to be interesting to see how it is on the other side of the interview for a change.

I’ll post the results later today.

Happy Birthday to a VIP


Today is my son, Brad’s, birthday.

When I arrived from Turkey a bit over two weeks ago, he and my daughter-in-law, Debby, picked me up at the airport. He told me I was welcome to sleep on their couch for as long as I want.

Now, the son is taking care of the mother.

Brad inherited my wanderlust, for around twenty years ago, he was teaching English in Indonesia and that is where he met Debby.

Brad has a creative mind and, with a subtle humor, he keeps us entertained.

Happy Birthday Bradley Alan Crocker



Staying positive in Half Moon Bay

I’m enjoying Half Moon Bay. It’s a charming little town, with nice people living in it. It is twenty minutes away from the big city of San Francisco. While here, I’ve been to San Francisco a few times and found areas I haven’t seen before. There are many neighborhoods full of ethnic restaurants, antique stores and boutiques.

But back to Half Moon Bay and my search for a place to land. I was offered a most beautiful spot that overlooks the ocean, with a reasonable price tag.  The house has been divided up into two apartments. Wall-to-wall off white carpeting, a large bedroom and walk in closet, a new kitchen and my own entrance. And a view of the ocean from the bedroom and the kitchen.

I sat in Judith’s kitchen downstairs in the main part of the house, and admired the scene out of her window…bunny rabbits bouncing around beyond the yard in the wild fauna that goes right up to the ocean.

I saw a flock of seagulls taking off from the shoreline. Oh, it is a lovely place. Whoever lands it will be lucky, indeed. I see living there in my dreams.

Meanwhile, I feel blessed to be in the accompany of my son, daughter-in-law and grandson. They are so good to me.

On Saturday I’ll be in San Francisco for a Dutch day with Brad and Debby. It will be fun to get some Dutch goodies and Indonesian food. On Sunday, my cousin, Barbie Jones will visit. She’s a lovely lady, an English professor, and a supporter of my greater good.

Life is good.