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It brought me lots of joy, and excitement and challenges, and I’d do it all over again.

I finished up with AmeriCorps as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Arts Council for Monterey County, and took my stipend to an adventure in Cambodia.

I was in a wat where Buddhists monks and nuns live, practice and learn more about Buddhism, and share their knowledge. I could here their chanting, had great meals served by a cook, had lots of rides on Tuk Tuk’s and taught English to kids.

I got to visit Viet Nam which was another highlight of the year.

I then, finally, found my next home, which is in the rolling hills of Aromas, and I am a very blessed and happy person.

Happy New Year everyone.

WiFi is up and running

Progress to a degree in the cottage. I got Verizon to up the phone program to include wifi/Internet  for my new place.

It did give me a scare, however, when I kept getting notices that in less than one week, I had totally used up all of the time allotted in the amount I had chosen to purchase.

But,when  taking the equipment back to Verizon, to complain, I learned that the number was prorated and I did not run out of time after all. None of this makes sense, I know. Believe it or not, I understand.

Then I attempted to hunt down a rug, a table and an office chair. Ron and I went to the second hand places he knew about, but we couldn’t find what I wanted.

But, since I need a chair to sit on, I found one at Staples and it will be delivered tomorrow. However. I hope I asked them to put it together for me. It’s the modern world, that stores now expect you to assembly the goods.

I still have one half of the storage to get out and bring up to my place, and a few more purchases to make before it’s comfortable. I’ve been sitting on the bed as a chair for a few days.

It’s coming along, bit my bit.



antiquing and thrift shopping

Today, I hit up the Goodwill in Watsonville, and later in Salinas. I also looked at the Salvation Army and the Marina Second Chance. Second Chance was closed because it’s Monday. I thought it was Wednesday. Anyway, I didn’t find what I’m looking for.

So I headed over to San Juan Bautista to the many antique stores, and didn’t find anything there, either. That town was quiet. Most of the shops were closed.

I need a rug and a desk for starters. A table to be used for a desk would be perfect. Then I need some chairs and a dresser that I can put into the large closet.

Didn’t find anything, but will look again tomorrow in Santa Cruz. Son, Ron, knows where the places are located so he’s agreed to go with me.



Making a cottage into a home

I’m almost all moved in to the little cottage in Aromas. There is about one half more to get out of storage, and then the decorating begins.

This place is just perfect for me and I’m so happy to have found it.

I cannot wait to get it all spruced up so I can invite my friends in. Even though it is a studio, it is a rather large space for a studio. It reminds me of those lofts that have been made out of old warehouses. Only the space reminds of it, however. The landlords have thought of everything and it has been kept up to perfection.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

May you all receive many blessings in 2015.



Working on the book every day

My future book of the yearlong journey is a work in progress.

I’m going over each page, and renewing the journey, and re-living it. What a great time!

I haven’t picked out a name, as of yet, because I haven’t found a recurring theme.

I feel an urgency to get this done, and at the same time preparing another move.

I have a good feeling about the move to Aromas, and feel it may be home for quite a while.


Views of Pacific Coast Highway

This morning the sights along the Pacific Coast Highway beginning at Half Moon Bay were incredible.

Bright, rolling hills in shades of green, and the white clouds would be enough to take in, but then there was the blue ocean, blue sky and white splashing waves, and the dew-dampened rocks along the road.

I never get tired of that drive. But it is a long one to Salinas where I had an appointment with the dentist, and then I took some of my stuff to the new place in Aromas.

The place was different in my mind, than when I saw it again, so I’ll need to get everything from storage and see how it fits.

Soon I’ll be out in the country, where today I saw some calves running down the hill, and chicken’s making merry. It’s country, all right. The landlady has a cat and the cat has already approved of me. I’m in.




Remembering Barnum

IMG_2754My friend, LuAnn  H, from high school, sent me a book, “If You Stick with Barnum”, by Robert Autobee, and the front cover of the book brings back so many memories.

Barnum, my old, neighborhood is featured in this book.

The number 75 trolley  used to pick me up at Seventh and Knox Court, and then it headed down the hill, over a gully, over the viaduct to the City of Denver. Going over the viaduct treated the senses to great smells; the cookie factory, coffee roasting business, and a beer distillery, and a view of the industrial area.

Returning on the same route, picking up the trolley on Larimer Street (oh, many stories about that street, but too many for today), we’d pass my friend Ann Garska’s house, near the gully, then pass Mark Kay Hudson’s home, Lois Wood, Lucille Durant, Kay Ford, all on lower Knox Court, then it turned the corner on Eight Street and Knox Court, passing La Verne Vandstrom’s home, and finally my stop on Seventh Street. I walked from there, passed the Seventh Ave. Congregational Church, which I attended, and then on to my home on Sixth and Meade Street.

There was a Greek girl who lived between Seventh and Eighth on Knox Court, who’s name I don’t remember, but was a bit older than my friends.

The trolley took a large coin, a one half price for children, and a smaller coin for adults. I think those coins were purchased from the loop, which had a place to sit inside when it was cold. I still have a half piece coin somewhere in my archives.


I barely remember this but think it’s funny/from my blog

Three more angels


Today I met three more angels. Michele was from yesterday, when I was in the little Bradberries restaurant and observed the little ladies doing lunch. I was in a different restaurant having coffee this morning and the same ladies were there! Then, later, after most of the day was spent (more on that later), I needed to use WiFi, and unfortunately it isn’t reliable in the Royal Hotel, so I went to Bradberries and there was Michele with a happy smile. “I bought your book”, she told me. That makes me happy, as well.

Another angel was the young gentleman, a waiter, who served me breakfast in the Royal Hotel. When he told me he was from the Basque area of Spain, my head cocked to one side like a German Shepard.

“Oh, I need to ask you some questions.”

“I will meet you at half past twelve when I’m off duty here,” he said.

Meanwhile, I walked to The Travel Bar Ltd. and saw Pauline Hill, the best travel agent I have ever met. Pauline was the third angel today: she took lots of time and worked creatively to book me to my next adventures until I land in Madrid, Spain on Sept. 21.

She circumvented and scoped out places to keep me free of problems with customs in certain countries.

Pauline is gearing up for a trip to the Monterey and San Francisco areas soon. A pretty lady, she is, and delightful to meet. She made booking the next few trips look easy, because she has been a travel agent for many years.

Sergio, the waiter, and I had a two hour conversation about traveling, what I could expect in Spain – the Basque area in particular-and then we talked about funny language mistakes.

I’ll leave you here with this choice one: I almost spit out my diet Coke laughing. He went to the pharmacy in Ireland and asked for constipado, and pointed to his nose, for his nose was stopped up and he had a cough.

Somehow, the pharmacist misunderstood him, and thought he said, “because I am constipated.” He gave him some pills with instructions on how often to take them. Sergio couldn’t understand why his nose was still stopped up but he had to head to the W.C. all too often.

He questioned the pharmacist about his constant need for the bathroom, “But my nose is still stopped up.”

Everything got fixed, and that’s the end of th

Moving again

Yes, I’ll be moving again, and this time for a long time, hopefully.

I found a cottage up in the hills of Aromas. Aromas is east of Watsonville and west of Hollister and San Juan Batista. It’s on the property of the landlords who live in the big house. Another couple lives in the other cottage.

The cottage is a large studio with a new refrigerator and stove, and a carport. Besides that, and best of all, there is a water tight storage shed for my use.

I’m going to save money here in the long run, but at first there will be a bit of an investment in furniture.

I’m so happy that I’ll be able to have my own ‘things’ around me, such as artwork and some items from my travels. I have given much away, and will continue to do so. My aim is to eventually live small. I’ve learned that it’s best to use what you have and to appreciate it.

I will need to invest in WiFi at the cottage so I can continue my work on getting this yearlong journey published.