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Hanging in there

The place that I have in my mind, but haven’t seen yet due to a unfortunate accident in the family of the renters. I have been promised a view of the place in a few days. I’m giving them plenty of time to sort out what has happened.

I really like the person who spoke with me, and I’m hoping it works out for all of us. Without seeing it, the place sounds perfect for my needs.


Pharaoh returned

I forgot to mention here on my blog, that Pharaoh decided to come home. He was gone for a few days. When he finally came home, he slept most of the first day, and half of the next day. He’s back on his window seat and is as rascally as he was before he left. Wonder what he saw during the nights he was gone?

Still looking

There are some interesting places on Craigslist that I think sound good, but so far only one person has made an appointment for me to look at them: that is, since the last two I saw, but declined.

However, I did get to talk to a man who has a modular empty home 20 miles south of Carmel Valley Village, which put me in mind of where Clint E. must live. But when I spoke with him, and he began to tell me more, I could see a trailer, with broken down old cars and buses on the property that was way up in the mountains.  Only AT&T works there, “sometimes”, he said and Verizon, ” if you find the right spot”.

“Y’all can go wild boar huntin’” , my son laughed, when I told him about it.

That place was politely declined.

I keep looking.

Meanwhile, I had a nice visit with my old friend, Marilyn in Felton. I love going to her house. She is such a creative person and you never know what you might find in her house or her garden. She is calm and calming.

In my office


I’m in the Half Moon Bay Coffee Company. My office is at a table close to an outlet where I have my computer plugged in. I’m again searching for a room, studio apartment or a cheap one bedroom apartment.

If I worked, I could easily find an apartment with more bucks, but I am not a willing worker anymore. Over sixty years of working is enough.

However, when I settle down somewhere, I’ll have plenty to do, which may generated some income. But I cannot gamble before that happens.

I ordered a short stack of pancakes that are as big as the hubcaps on my car. So, if I finish those, it will assure my place at this table for a long time.

Keeping the faith: the perfect place for me is there for me to find.


Almost found a home where I would live among the gnomes and fairies. Alas, it was not to happen

I’ve been looking everywhere, but mostly on Craigslist for a place to call home.

What I have found within my budget, begins with a necessary need to share a place. Not perfect, but I’ll start there.

The first place was near Santa Cruz, and the house was nice, but the driveway was a steep grade, and not easy to get to, or get down from, but I could learn to do that. However, the available bedroom was very small, and I would have had to share the bathroom with two other people. The shared space: living room and kitchen were a mess, and the only storage room in the basement was nearly full.

The second place caused me to fantasize how wonderful and quaint it would be to live in a place with the name Emerald Valley in it. I drove, drove, drove, through the big trees, and more trees, to the top of the grade, and then down a twisty road, where I swear I saw gnomes and fairies darting among the trees and shrubs.

I was nearly laughing with joy for my new-found home.

The air smelled good, too. But, alas, the room was small enough for the gnome I imagined, no storage possibilities, and a questionable couple to live with. I wasn’t shown any other part of the house, so I assumed, their purpose was only to get the room rented.

I have heard of other places, and I will go see more before I make a decision. So far, I haven’t seen anything to fit my needs and budget.

It isn’t an easy challenge, but I’m still positive that it is there somewhere.

Looking for a room/apartment

The search has begun.

I met with a woman yesterday who matches up roommates. She wrote down what I would like in a roommate and where I’d like to live.

Then I visited an 84 year old friend who just moved to a lovely senior affordable apartment that is nice. Everyplace I’ve looked, including senior housing opportunities, are full.

I’m experiencing the lack of affordable housing/apartments, first hand. I had heard of this before I was a senior citizen, and didn’t really understand it until now.

HOWEVER, I’m staying positive, and I know there is a place for me, somewhere, and I’ll find it!


It’s a cat’s world

Pharaoh, Brad, Debby and Brandon’s awesome cat is missing.

The indoor cat thought the world looked better outside the window where he has sat for several years.  He took the opportunity to run out of the garage door, that was usually closed to him.

He is a lovely cat with plush grey fur, and a rascal personality.

I miss him and he’s been gone for a few days. I posted a missing cat on Craigslist and on the local newspaper. And I made some flyers that I’ll post on poles.

It’s amazing how important a pet becomes to you.

Here is a photo of the Pharaoh: IMG_0671

The Year of the Cousins

IMG_2553I have met more of my cousins and sons and daughter’s of cousins this year than ever before. It’s been fun.

Starting with Claudia, her husband, and daughter. Her son, Scott, and I communicate through Facebook, so he’s on the list. I had dinner with Claudia, and she accompanied me, my sister-in-law and a friend to a museum in Montrose.

Then, when I ventured down to Lakewood, there was Beverly, and her kids, who are my cousins, as well. Beverly and I enjoyed an evening of family talk, and she printed out some family photos she has that I don’t have.

Soon, I’ll see my other cousin, Barbie, and maybe her son, as well. I have some photos for her, and then they’ll be more family talk.

I was close to my cousins when I lived in Colorado, enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas get togethers, but when I moved to California, that all stopped. I did meet with my cousin, Barbie on occasion, but not often enough.

I regret not growing closer to my Colorado cousins, as they do too.

IMG_2575So, The Year of the Cousins, has been a joy! Cousin Claudia is on the left, next is friend, Marilyn, Big John, the museum guide and sister-in-law, Carol.


A flower for my cousins. I love you all.

In the Denver International Airport waiting…

I’ll be back! It will be after 10 p.m. this evening when I land in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, I found a coffee place with two tables, and I’m sitting here taking up one of them, and plan to stay here for a very long time. It’s only 4:30 p.m.

My friend Sonja drove me to the airport all the way from Saratoga, Wyoming, where I’ve been for six days. We stopped off on the way in Centennial, where her late parents had a home. The home is an example of, “The Little House on the Prarie”. Sonja’s “little” brother, Phillip was there with his wife. So we sat for awhile and then got back on the road.

In Saratoga, Mike, Sonja’s son, bagged  an elk. The animals body parts are soaking in water and legs are hanging from the rafters. Everyone is excited. Now they are waiting to hear from Mike’s son, Paul to see what he returns with.

This is cowboys, cattlemen, hunters and  fishermen’s paradise. Everywhere I looked there were stores where you could purchase hunting and fishing supplies and places that will process the meat, treat the skin to use for leather garments or skin with the fur left on for rugs, hanging on walls, or as blankets in very cold times.

On the way down to Denver, we drove through the Medicine Bow-Routt National forest of green pine trees, then onward through plains, and awesome rock formations.

“Oh give me a home where the Buffaloes roam and the deer and the antelope play.” I was right smack dab in the middle of the song.

Sonja, her husband, John; sons, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, brother, granddaughter and friends were such friendly people. I’ll remember this time and the surroundings as warm and pleasant.

P.S. You know those carts that you can put your luggage on? They are free in every country I’ve traveled in. Here in Denver, they cost $5.00!!!!!!

Small town parade: Saratoga, Wyoming: “Go Panthers”

First, let me tell you about the lunch-time entertainment, and then I’ll get to the parade.

A large man, (how large?). He was taller than the tallest man at the Saratoga Senior Center at lunch time. He was also rounder than some. But it all was in proportion with his large personality.

He was dressed in black pants, black boots, and a black cowboy shirt with a dizzying array of embroidery on the yoke. Adding more credit to “the look”, he wore a ten galleon black felt hat and played a big guitar.

His voice filled the room. He may have missed his calling as an opera singer. The songs were those we all know, and then a request came for the song called, “The Dazzler” with the real name, “Devil Woman”.  He gave the name as “The Dazzler” because of the high notes he must hit.

He’d stop, look at everyone, and say, “are you ready”.

“Yes” the audience yelled.

“Okay, here it comes.” Then his voice would hit the high note and everyone cheered.

Turns out the big voice was also the announcer for the homecoming parade later.

The parade, a delightful, small town event, that, not only draws the high school crowd, but has the support of the whole town. Little kids from the lower grades got to the curb and sat down before the parade began. The elementary school principal kept up the excitement until the parade began. He stood on the street, encouraging the yell, “ Go Panthers.”


I was told the kids looked forward to the candy the kids on the float would throw out to the parade watchers. The Panthers on the floats didn’t disappoint them.

Heck, I wasn’t disappointed either. It was small town fun. IMG_2722