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I’ve never been a fan of Spam in a can ever since I found a thumbnail embedded in the meat.

Seems Spam is composed of all the left over pieces of meat that no one would choose by itself…you know like the innards.

Sure it’s versatile and could save you from hunger if you got desperate.

I seem to be experiencing some spam here on my blog. It is composed of the same Spam we know: the innards: the people no one would want around them. The spoils of humanity; the bored; the boring; those who you would never choose to associate with.

I do not enjoy spam!

Waking up

I’ve been tired for the past two days; I think it was stress, worry and nightmares. So I took a day and slept nearly all day, and today, I came back from meetings and took a 2 1/2 hour nap.

I’ve never been a napper before, but now I see the benefit.

Tonight, I’m back in good form; getting the piles of paperwork done for AmeriCorps and thinking about getting taxes done, a jury date coming up and lots of meetings, plus a gallery opening.

By the way, I’m reading, “The Greatest Generation”,  by Tom Brokaw. I recommend it.


A potato, an orange and a pear

I had dinner last night with my friend,Wanda. She’s a writer, a poet, a tap dancer and  an octogenarian.  She has published several books of various sizes; some small pamphlet-like and some larger. The latest one soon to come out is all about her adventure of suing a city for water damage. She won the court case with good use of  creativity. She makes ends meet through the court case settlement and social security. She lives in a house owned by her son.

We have much in common: she was a reporter in Los Angeles for years, worked as a model and has traveled.

We talked about our lives and how we got to where we are. She stretches her meager income like a pro, and has a once-in-awhile book sale.

I, on the other hand, sell few books, live on about $5 an hour with AmeriCorps and a bit over $4 an hour from social security. So this makes me living in the poverty level. Wanda lives there with me.

In spite of our co-poverty situation, with no rhyme or reason as to how we got here, we did manage to enjoy ourselves at the Black Bear diner and Wanda gifted me with a white potato, an orange and a pear.

I greet gifts, small ones, large ones, including smiles and compliments with reverence.

Personality tests

Just this past week or so, I weakened my resolve not to take any of those personality tests that get posted on Facebook, and took three of them.

I learned that I’m like a dumb blond, not brainy, but lovable, I learned that I should have been an astronaut, and today, I learned that I am a creative person who enjoys the arts (hmm, that’s pretty darn close), but it goes on to relate that, while I enjoy people and being creative, I can be very closed up about myself.

HUH? I write a blog mostly about myself, I’m too open to tell folks how I feel and talk too much about personal problems.

So much for those silly tests.

Anyway, today I had made a huge mistake at work and I felt so bad about it and the supervisor had to leave the room so she wouldn’t get mad at me and say wrong things. I have to admire her for taking that step….something to learn from that, for sure.

But my mistake was from a lack of understanding what was expected of me.  So maybe I’m learning that if you don’t understand something keep asking until you get it clear. I hate to ask too many questions.  Hmmm, maybe I am closed up.


Some kind of game

Well, I heard that there’s some kind of game playing today and it must be important because no one stops talking about it.

Advertisements are trapping folks into purchasing lots of beer, dip with veggies, dip with crackers, dip with bread, chicken parts – some called buffalo wings – why is that? Also, there’s room decorating for the big game party, big TV-must haves, and there are people who are choosing up sides, placing bets and talking, talking, talking.

I’m glad it’s raining.


The days tend to blur

I thought I was supposed to meet some friends for lunch today, but I got the wrong day. But anyway, I had lunch at Taco Bell in Marina. Unusual it is for me to step inside a fast food restaurant, but I had already tried the place out one day and decided to return.

The reason for the return is that the restaurant is decorated in the style of the 50s. There are formica table tops, lots of chrome, an old gas station pump, a juke box, and more. The music  piped inside the room is all from the 50s, so I felt nostalgic and at home in my high school days.  So guess whenever I feel a need to step back in time, I’ll go there and get a taco or something.

The days go by so fast, and I’m so busy, that the days just blur together.