Monthly Archives: January 2014

I want a horse

It’s still in the shop. It should be finished by tomorrow. I’ve been renting this little car, and I feel like I sit inside a box.

It’s too expensive, and probably not a good idea to spend so much money to get it fixed, but on the other hand, it is cheaper than buying another one, but I couldn’t do that either.

Cars, dang it. I wish I had a horse.

It’s all coming together

The event is getting closer…this Saturday, at the Portola Hotel and Spa. I have been signing up folks and getting ready to send out a final email to all the volunteers.

My job during the event is to stake out my spot at the Bonzai room where volunteers will check in and out, and where they will  eat from the buffet on their breaks.

It looks like everything is coming together. There are some awesome organizers and that helps more than ever. One person, Paulette Lynch is the executive director, and is calm, patient and insightful. She is a joy to work for. The board president, Lynn Diebold is a retired head of the county emergency office. I actually interviewed her several years ago. I could see then that she is a gifted leader. She’ s no nonsense, detail orientated and generous.

Klara is the administrative assistant who does EVERYTHING. She has given me enormous help with technology. I like her and she wears lots of red!

Jaqui Hope is a gorgeous looking woman and is a singer and actress and is currently showing her talents on various stages in the area. She is also the Arts Council education coordinator who lines of teachers in the schools and various locations to reach children with art.

Elissa is the business manager, married to a professional golfer and has two very polite children, who come to the office once in awhile.

I am, of course, the oldest of the bunch, with the least experience with technology. It’s very humiliating at times. I’ve always been one who never asks for help. I just plain don’t do it. So I suffer along with something I’m supposed to do, until I finally break down and, with precious time left, I ask for help in a tiny, embarrassed voice. You wouldn’t recognize me.


The Arts Council fills up with auction items


So many of the silent auction items are beautiful and if I had four walls, for always, I’d purchase some, but then, I’m trying to downsize so that’s out of the question.

Many people have donated really nice pictures, pottery, jewelry and more. Then there’s the live auction and those items are like fantastic trips in nice hotels, upscale restaurants, paintings by famous artists and more.

It’s going to be quite a lovely event this Saturday. I’m looking forward to it.

What sound would the color red make?

It’s been a lazy Sunday – a day to catch up on paper work, pay bills, write some letters, send some emails and rest

I heard something on PBS that I thought interesting. It seems there is a man who volunteered to have some sort of a chip inserted into his brain for information gathering, I guess.  I didn’t hear all of it, but what I did hear surprised me.

“I can hear colors.” he said. Hmmm, wonder what my favorite color of red would sound like? Blue? Green? Mauve? Anyway, he said now when he looks at a painting, for instance, he can enjoy it more because of the sound it makes.



This morning was the last meeting for volunteers until the big event called Champion of the Arts.

We have some really great volunteers. They are just wonderful. There are a few who didn’t make it to either meeting, but I’m sure with a little bit of information, they’ll be fine.

I’m looking forward to this event. The Executive Director Paulette Lynch is one of the best person’s I’ve ever worked for. She is kind, patient, decisive, in charge and calm.

I wish I could have worked with her about 40 years ago, but then she would have been a little kid. Nice how we learn from those younger folks.

Geniuses at work

I had some problems late morning today, after being rescheduled for jury duty.

The signup genius site gave me some problems and I was perplexed, so I sent a note to the tech support. You know how that goes? You cannot find a phone number, or their contact situations don’t work.

Not so with the geniuses who work at sign-up genius. I was worried, scared and almost ready to run away from everything, until they came through and fixed it in a matter of about one hour.

I sent an email back and told the tech that I believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and she, the one who fixed the problem.

If you have a church, a club, a school or a party to plan and people to invite, I highly recommend this site. It’s call signup genius, and you can put categories (work sites) and times and how many people needed for that spot, and you send the link out to everyone on your list and …bingo, people sign up! And that’s not all, they send out reminder emails to the folks who have signed up.

It’s really a great idea and works well. We signed up nearly everyone we needed for the Champion of the Arts, and still folks are signing in.


The judicial system calls

Jury duty tomorrow bright and early. The timing is a challenge.

Tonight was the first volunteer meeting and there’s another one on Saturday and I have more volunteer recruiting to do. The event is next week.

While I sit and wait to be called, I’ll do some work for the Arts Council.



Still renting my wheels

I had to re-up with the little rental car, because my car isn’t ready yet.

But, life goes on and so does the Arts Council of Monterey County. I’m recruiting volunteers and this is much easier than First Night for many reasons. One obvious one is that I don’t need the huge numbers as before.

This is an elegant evening and a wonderful ambience for volunteers. I’m real happy that my son Brad and his wife, Debby will volunteer during the event.

The hotel is just a walk away to the famous Monterey Wharf, and they will be making this event part of their get-away weekend. They are staying in Monterey overnight.

It’s fun for me to combine my work with the family on occasion. This will be fun for them, I’m sure; and a bit different from their regular daily routines.



Try to get attention from Meet Up

I thought I was joining Meet Up so I could get volunteers, but instead I was signing up myself. I tried to correct the mistake, but finding someone from the organization to help is impossible.

Now I’m being charged $19 and I just hope it’s not for every month. I don’t want to join. I didn’t mean to join and now I’m wondering if Meet Up is legitimate.



When to cut your losses

It’s been a life time, it seems, that I have been cutting losses right and left. It seems there’s a lesson in this if I could only figure it out.

My car is in the shop and I got a call today that it is over two times what they said it would cost. I told them to fix it. I couldn’t see an alternative. I’ve taken so good care of that car, I don’t know how the transmission wore out so soon. The car is five years old, but it was stored for one of those years.

Anyway, I’m told the new one will be a better one and is guaranteed for 100,000 more miles.

Meanwhile, I’m still renting a car because there is a lot to do in Carmel with the latest big event and I must have wheels.

I stating this here: I will remain positive, get the car fixed and roll on.