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Volunteer meeting

Last night 23 people showed up at the first volunteer meeting, and tomorrow will be the second one.

Most of those who showed up had not even signed up, but had received phone calls. So that is good in a way. That means there are many people who have signed up, and who will show up at another meeting.

So we’re about 1/10th of the way to meet the goal.

I’ve learned there are many who have been volunteering year after year and they are also to be counted into the total at some point.

I don’t think we’ll get 150, but perhaps some of those will work more than one shift.

The Executive Director has her own favorites she signs up herself, so I’m counting on that. We also had a group of women (me included) who spent time on the phone in the evening calling folks.

It’s not an easy job, but I’m not as stressed out about it as I was. The nightmares have subsided.  I’m new at this and it’s the first year, and I don’t know that many people,myself in Monterey area.

So, we’ll see how it goes from here on.

hacked and now not hacked

It’s a long story, and one told by many. Someone in the Ukraine – wherever in the heck that is, tried to hack into my business via my email. And then there were those folks in Nigeria who tried to do the same.

They must think I’m rich or something. Then not too long ago someone called me a very vasty name on email.

Wow, these people must not have anything significant to do with their time. It’s too bad there are scum like that….people who try to take from others.

Scum and scam.

But it’s all fixed now at a healthy sum of money. Money I don’t have. Then there’s Target.

Are we all targets for scamming scum?

I’m always wondering where these scums’ mother’s were when they were born and raised.

Big Sur is burning

It’s so sad for the people, and some homesteaders in Big Sur. It’s burning houses and is only 5% contained.

It was smokey in Monterey today and I had to work out on the street at Farmer’s Market to get volunteers. My nose is stuffed up and I have a sore throat. I’m not complaining but just explaining how bad the air is.

The poor folks in Big Sur! Please pray for them if you’re a believer. If not, please stay positive for them that rain will fall and end the fires.




No, the printer doesn’t work for the scanning of documents I must send to AmeriCorps. Don’t know why that is. It just isn’t going to work for me.

AmeriCorps has a huge amount of reporting to do at the end of each month, and it all must be scanned in and then sent to them on their on-line/web address. It’s all so complicated and when you don’t have the equipment working, it’s even more complicated.

So, on my way to recruit volunteers for First Night, I’ll stop at Kinko’s and ask them to scan the paper work for me and then Nov. is finished.

On to December, with recruiting high on the list of duties.

Working every day at staying positive.


Reading and painting

It was great fun seeing my old writer’s group. There were the regulars and a few newbees, and we all had something to read, while drinking lots of coffee at Juice and Java in Pacific Grove.

After that I drove to Gonzales to meet with my friend Anna Mae. She printed out some of my photos and a few of hers’ as well, and we painted them with pastels. I had one that turned out terrible and another that is really very nice. They are on small water color paper, whereas, when I first did this process, the photos were enlarged. I’ll be doing that on larger paper just as soon as I find a place to print them.

It was nice doing something a bit different from the three month routine I have gotten myself in to.

So tomorrow it’s back to work; recruiting volunteers and finishing up a long AmeriCorps monthly report. Yes, I know it’s Sunday tomorrow, but deadlines don’t always fall on weekdays.

Learning more new stuff

Now I’m in the process of figuring out how to use Sign-up Genius. I think you must be a genius to understand it. But, I won’t give up. It’s a program that keeps track of the volunteers who sign up.  The program reminds the volunteers about the times they signed up for and where they are to go. But you know that already.

Tomorrow I’ll go to the writer’s club for the first time in nearly two years. It’s been a busy two years, so I look forward to having something different to do. Everyone takes something they want to work on and read it to the group. They critique it and give their opinions.

It is held in Pacific Grove at Juice and Java. I usually get java. We take up a whole table and we’re kind of loud. But there are other folks in meetings too.

This group helped a bit when I began writing “Too Close to the Sun” a Dutch boy becomes a man during WWII. By the way, it’s published by an independent publisher, which means it can be added to or edited more, and that is what I chose to do. So it’s been republished and is on demand at Amazon.




positive thinking

I’ve decided to wake up and think positively. When a negative thought comes streaming through my brain, I’ll switch it to something that will change my attitude.

What do you do to stay positive?




Three meetings today. One was at the Boys and Girls Club in Seaside, one at CSUMB for AmeriCorps and one at the Portola Hotel and Spa in downtown Monterey, all finished before 2:30.

The AmeriCorps got together to wrap presents for the needy families that were identified through the Boys and Girls Club. One room was absolutely packed with bags and bags of presents. We would take one bag that was determined for one complete family, and wrap every present that belonged to each of the family member. Children got many presents, including toys, books and clothing items. The families were chosen and then given a paper to fill out regarding each family member – what they liked, what they needed and other wishes.

I was amazed to see how much support came from those folks, individuals, stores and sponsors to gather such a huge amount of gifts. The organization of wrapping was well done, with little confusion.

The next meeting was at CSUMB, also with the AmeriCorps volunteers and their hosts. The hosts are actually supervisors. We went around the room, introduced ourselves, and our job and then we added one item we were grateful for. When it was my turn, I said my gratefulness came from meeting the family at Dorothy’s Place, who cut up onions with me. The mother and father were teaching their children, who have all their needs met, to help others less fortunate.  We helped prepare a lunch for the homeless population.

The third meeting was at the Portola Hotel and Spa where a few of us went over the logistics for the gala coming up on Jan. 19. The hotel is huge, but so is the event and the planning is crucial. I am getting a bit more informed day by day.



I was a bother to some folks today.

I spent an hour and one half at the Monterey Farmer’s Market trying to interest folks into signing up as volunteer for First Night Monterey, this was after spending six hours on the phone and email in the office.

It was interesting to watch peoples’ reaction to me walking up to them. I’d get their attention and ask them to be a volunteer for First Night. Some folks knew right away what the event was all about, others were from out of town, and others didn’t want me to bother them.

Some folks stopped and gave me a moment to give my spiel and then tell me they weren’t interested, but smiled politely and walked away.

There was a  teen aged boy who stopped, listened, told me he would be in San Francisco for New Years, and couldn’t volunteer. Then he told me I looked nice. He liked the scarf I was wearing and wished me luck. What a nice young man. His mother can be proud of him.


Meeting my needs

It was a good meeting this evening with the staff of Arts Council and two board members. I have been concerned about the volunteer schedule and how to go about it the way it’s wanting to be done. I always try to do what the people who have hired me want to see the task done, but I felt that I was hanging.

It took one meeting to help get me up to speed. There will be another meeting on Friday, so I’m looking forward to the next few steps.

Tomorrow I attend the First Night job and that is working on lining up the volunteers sooner than the other event and it’s getting closer.

The boss of First Night invited me and her other workers to a lovely lunch at an Italian restaurant. Then she gave gifts. Nice day altogether.

I feel much more in control.